New Beginnings



I am very excited and nervous to finally be able to share with you something that I have been meaning to do for quite a long time now. Have you ever wanted something really bad in life but couldn’t find the courage inside you to go for it? Well, that is exactly the situation I was going through in the last year. Lately, with life opening its many doors and showing its vast variety and colors, I became somewhat overwhelmed as to what exactly it is I am aiming for, or which direction I want to go in. Mainly due to this reason, I decided to create AWO Stories - a place of sharing thoughts and ideas, with a hope that someone out there might be able to relate these stories to their experiences and that it will benefit them, in some way.

You may wonder what is AWO, no need to ponder any longer - here is the explanation. These three letters stand for a phrase ‘Arms Wide Open’, literally and metaphorically. This phrase means that having your arms wide open is about living life open-minded and embracing moments, learning how to be loving, creative and positive. We all go through ups and downs and let things get in the way, which makes us forget about the most important thing - finding peace in the middle of a storm. And that is exactly what I am going through - a storm that involves a lot of decisions, growing up and learning every single day how to stay true to myself in this rapidly changing world. So join me in on this adventure, and let’s see where it’s going to take us. No pressure, just taking things as they are one day at a time, with your ARMS WIDE OPEN.

Talk to you soon.

With Love,

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