A Fresh New Start


This is it. Yet again, we are opening another blank page, another blank space to write our stories upon. Thinking about the limitless opportunities that life has to offer is probably the most overwhelming feeling ever, it is scary and intimidating but yet so empowering and really changes your perspective, doesn’t it? It is strange that we live our lives day by day without ever really stopping to think about it, and only around the holiday season we start to think about new year’s resolutions and the things we want to achieve in the next year. But what keeps us from starting today? What can be more important than your burning desire to achieve your dreams? Whether small or big, all dreams matter. Think about it, there is no better time than now. Start writing your story today.

I decided to start my first day of 2015 by taking a Lush ‘Lord of Misrule’ bomb bath and snacking on some fresh fruits, all I can say is that it was a wonderful idea. I noticed, how in the last couple years I tend to stay away from the huge New Year’s parties and instead take it easy and relax. I will choose recharging my batteries over a huge party any time. I just think it is so important to start the new year rested and with lots of energy, which may also determine the rest of the year to be exactly that way too! How did you start your new year?

And to finish off, I wish you all a wonderful 2015! May it be the most amazing year filled with all that your heart desires.

With Love,

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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to begin the new year, with a refreshed mind, body, and spirit!

    1. It was a lovely way to begin the new year indeed! I hope you had a great start too. Thank you for your comment <3