For some reasons that I can’t understand, things have been quite challenging lately. I know I said in one of my previous posts that challenges make you grow and make you stronger but I just feel overwhelmed at the moment. I haven’t been a bad person or wished someone something bad, but life just decided to throw some lemons at me. I like drinking warm water and lemon, and that is something I do almost daily, so I am trying to use those lemons thrown my way in a positive way and take them as a lesson learned, no matter how difficult things look right now. I know in the long run I will look back at this period and realise that everything has a reason, even if you don’t understand it right away.

It’s been challenging to find some peace and comfort during these last few days, but luckily there are some people that I know will always offer their shoulder to lay my troubled head on, and hear out all the problems. I am forever grateful for those friendships, and no words, gestures or acts of kindness can ever express that. It’s like a little getaway shelter from a storm that’s raging outside - a little hideaway. Sometimes not only people but certain places are like hideaways, (and no I don’t mean your bedroom because obviously that’s the best one), but I am talking about places, where your mind finds peace. Today I went to a place just like that, less than a mile away from where I live and let myself stop for a moment.

The place where I come from (a small town in the middle of Lithuania), was about two hours away from the sea. I remember growing up, those who could afford to go for a week’s long vacation by the sea could consider themselves very lucky. I think even now people who live quite far away from it, see it as such a luxury. And now that I live just footsteps away from it, I realise how truly lucky I am to be able to go for a walk on the beach every day. Sadly, I don’t do it often enough and choose to stay cozied up in bed watching TV shows instead. But sometimes the wind gets so strong that any desire to be outside vanishes immediately. Today I forgot all about it - about all the ten million excuses I could come up with and just went there with a hope that the wind will take away all my worries. And it did. Or maybe it just blew in more energy in me to fight further.

P.S you cannot really tell, but the waves were so huge today and at the end of the shoot I got water in my shoes. Eek!

Enjoy the pictures.

With Love,

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