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Today’s article is going to be a bit different from the previous ones that I wrote since launching AWO Stories. But before I start, I just want to say that I created this blog not for some emotional rants (which is what you might have thought from my earlier posts), but for the most part, to talk about things that I feel passionate about, like: fashion, traveling, inspiration and so on. I just want to be open to writing and talking about different things until I discover a direction I want to head into with this blog, and I hope you will understand that and won’t be put off about it.

Anyway, so a new day - a new article! Well, technically it’s after midnight here in Germany, so it is a new day but honestly, I have never been a morning person and I really mean it. As much as I appreciate and love morning sunlight and starting my day bright and early, I just cannot seem to properly function until around 11am and having had at least one cup of coffee. How do morning people do it? Back to the topic, so last night I couldn’t sleep until almost 3am, because my mind was buzzing with ideas. I don’t know if it’s the post-full-moon phase or just me being a night owl, but I was literally so inspired by every single thought coming to my head. That is why I thought it would be good to talk about inspiration in today’s article.

 Probably since I was like 10, I have always been saving those inspirational quotes from internet (I still do), cutting out every nice picture from magazines and sticking them in folders, scrapbooks and what not. This little obsession continues to this day - I swear I could spend hours on Weheartit and Instagram scrolling through gazillion of pictures. Every now and then, I come across some of the most inspiring songs, films, bloggers and just generally crafty and creative people that give me so many ideas, it is just the greatest feeling. However, I just want to point out what is probably already obvious - it is important to use that inspiration in a way that will positively affect your life. Loved that book you just read a few weeks ago? Great! Write a song about it, make a painting and don’t be afraid to be creative, just do whatever makes you happy! Don’t get me wrong, arts and crafts may not be everyone’s forte but if you do enjoy it, then you know the positive influence it has on your mind and soul.

I have to confess though, while I am writing this article, I am basically having a dance party to Ariana Grande’s ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ that I added below. I have been in love with this song for almost two months now, and despite the fact that it's a bit cheesy I just can't help but get happy each time I hear it. You know it's just one of those songs that have a super catchy chorus and have that feel-good vibe to it. To be honest, I have so many of them, I need to share a playlist with you sometime in the future. But for now, I am leaving you with a series of 20 inspiring pictures, which I hope you enjoy. And don’t forget - inspiration is all around you.

P.S feel free to leave a comment below about what inspires YOU!

With Love,

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