Moody Days


Last night I couldn't sleep for a while, just kept on tossing and turning with dozens of thoughts racing through my mind. Thinking about studies, life, projects, problems and basically anything that kept me feeling a little lost. What do I do? Where do I begin? I thought I will sleep this off and wake up with a clear mind but no. I am still feeling confused but it's probably just stress. It's hard to explain why I always feel like that when I come back to the UK after a break, it must be a bit of a reverse shock I guess. As much as I love comfort and having things go my way, it is exactly the opposite that helps me grow as a person. Challenging myself to accomplish things that I am scared of, or that I think are impossible, is what actually makes me the happiest - it proves that the strength lying within us is unmeasurable.

I can't remember where I read or heard it, but someone once said 'one challenge at a time', so I will take that advice and start doing exactly that. Learning how to not lose my mind over the smallest things that won't matter in half a year, has been my biggest challenge for a few years now, and I am still learning how to do it. But hey, it doesn't matter how slow you go, so long as you don't stop, right? Maybe it's just me being overly sensitive and having too much time on my hands, but I think we all have those days, where you're just overthinking EVERYTHING and you just can't help it. I noticed how things seem to be less intimidating when you write them down. It's like allowing yourself to prepare for something in advance, so when it happens it's not as bad as you thought it will be. My plan for today is to write them all down, listen to some good music and just relax. And I don't mean wasting time, because they say time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time and I couldn't agree more.

 Meanwhile, I am leaving you with a set of images from last year that my friend Andi took of me here in Aberystwyth. I loved this shoot so much, sunset, sea and crispy weather is magical. Although I won't lie, by the end of it we were both freezing. Looking at these images now, made me realize that I only have just a bit longer than 3 months left in this town, so I will put more effort into making more pictures while I am still here, because after graduation I don't know if I will ever return to this place. Another reminder to enjoy moments while they last, even when you don't really like them that much. Why? Well, because the truth is: the bad news - nothing lasts forever, the good news - nothing lasts forever. Ok, I really need to stop with these profound quotes now haha.

Have a nice weekend & talk to you soon!

With Love,


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  1. Kokios nuostabios nuotraukos!! Dziaugiuosi atradusi tavo bloga! :)

    1. Labai malonu Monika, didelis aciu! :)
      As taip pat uzklydau dabar i tavaji ir esu suzaveta! x

  2. You look gorgeous!