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Although Christmas was almost a month ago, I am still feeling Christmasy and letting myself splurge in sales a little, especially in the last few days. Yesterday I found some amazing things from Zara Home, and going in a few hours again to stock up on a few more items because a girl can never have too much of everything, right? But this post is not going to be about a perfect ‘it’ find from sales or anything like that. It’s actually more about treating yourself every now and then with a little something special.

So for Christmas, I was looking for a small gift for myself, because you know, it’s healthy to reward and motivate yourself occasionally (actually, I am just totally making an excuse right now haha). About two months ago, by pure accident, I came across this very unique and youthful jewelery piece called Phrep from a German brand Paul Hewitt. I was looking for a unique bracelet for quite a while, and with all the options out there it was a bit difficult to choose something that I really truly loved and that every girl did not have. But when I saw Phrep bracelets, I instantly fell in love. I loved the nautical details, the rope style, the colors - it seemed like a mix of Jack Wills, navy and anchor bronze. I just had to purchase one.

Well me being incredibly indecisive, resulted in purchasing two of them. I bought a light pink one, and one with an anchor on it, in light pink and navy blue. What I really like about them is that you can wear them with other bracelets and create a super cool arm candy or wear them alone as a statement piece - it works both ways without being too much or too little. I will keep the pink one for spring/summer, for when I am off to the beach. Just the thought of warm sand, white nails and tan skin makes me so happy! Lastly, I have to admit, that the personalised ‘thank you’ note, was really nice and something that makes the brand stand out from the others. If you have never heard of the brand like me before (which I assume you haven’t since they are not so known worldwide) you can check them out here. Have you ever discovered a brand that you instantly fell in love with? If so, feel free to share in the comments. Meanwhile, I am off to do a little more sales shopping in town - I’m sorry wallet.

Have a nice evening guys!

With Love,

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  1. Very cute!

    I came to your blog through, and thought I would comment to tell you that I think your layout looks great, and your content seems to be something I am interested in reading. Best of luck!

    1. Wow, that's amazing thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback and thanks for putting a smile on my face! :) And of course, you're always welcome here at AWO Stories xx

      With Love,