Spread Your Wings


The last few years have turned my life upside down. I moved out from my parents’ home back in Lithuania when I was 17, and moved to Germany. That was the moment when the ropes were cut loose. After a few months I moved to the UK to start university, then in a year I moved back to Germany, then back again to the UK, but more about that later. Having lived in a pretty small town my whole life and just being a regular teenager was far from exciting. I always dreamed of getting away after high school, and that is what I did. The beginning wasn’t easy but then again, nothing worthwhile is.

Looking back at the last couple of years, I realise how much I discovered about life and people surrounding me. Learning is a never ending process, so long as you keep pushing yourself outside of your familiar grounds. To say pushing your boundaries is not challenging would be a lie, but without challenges and goals life would be so boring, wouldn’t it? To be honest, in my teenage days, even in my biggest dreams, I never thought I would get to experience so much in just a bit more than two years. Visiting some of the most beautiful places in Europe and gathering memories is something I will never forget.

During those travels and short trips, I noticed that whenever I found a beautiful place, I would immediately stand in front of it and pose with my arms lifted up in the air, expressing my joy. It seemed a bit funny at first, but now that I actually have a whole collection of these pictures, I decided to share them in one post. They were the main initiators for this blog, so they deserve a separate post. Obviously, this blog is not just about pictures that show arms wide open, because that would be just silly, but I will share some AWO pictures in the future, in places that I yet need to discover. Enjoy the collection!

With Love,

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