Away For The Weekend


Hey guys! Exciting weekend ahead, I am off to London for a few days and it's going to be jam-packed with meetings, workshops and exploring. Originally I got an invitation to go to BFI Future Film festival but since LFW (London Fashion Week) starts on Friday as well, I hope I will have some time to enjoy some of it too. It would definitely be the best of both worlds! I have been to London a few times over the last years while studying in the UK, and each time I have discovered new things and saw it with new eyes. One thing remains the same though - life there is crazy. Since I have a little less than three months left in university here in Wales (still can't believe it), I thought it will be a perfect getaway. Take a look at what I've seen in London during my previous visits!

Luckily, I have some friends living there so I wasn't totally clueless where to go or what to do on my first visits, and was introduced to some cool places. I loved James Franco's Psycho Nacirema exhibition in Pace Gallery in 2013, and exploring different museums, as well as ice skating in Canary Wharf. I still remember the first time I was on a double-decker, it was so exciting! If you manage to get a seat in the front, it's so hypnotic, I could sit there for hours just driving around London and listening to music with my headphones. Speaking of music, I remember going to Shoreditch district twice to see my favorite DJ's at XOYO club. Probably some of the most amazing concerts I've been to, with some super wilde crowds. And let's talk about fooood. Ah, I am so excited about it - there are way too many cool places in London. If you have any recommendations, either delicious take-aways (as I will most likely be always in a rush), or super healthy cafes for green juices and vegan treats, please share them in the comments, I'll be grateful!

Ahhh, and now it's time for the hardest task - packing... Talk to you soon guys! Mwah!

P.S until I'm back you can follow my instagram @imbrigita to see what I'll be up to in London town.

With Love,

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