Dreaming of Spring


This year has been such a roller coaster for me so far, everything is either black or white. Today is definitely the latter one. You know those days where you wake up and you're just happy without a particular reason? They are the best, aren’t they? I wanna smile to strangers and help an old lady carry her bag, or open a door for someone, and just overall spread positive vibes in the world. Maybe it’s the sunshine, or the feeling of hope that spring is almost around the corner. Either way, I am not mad and want to feel this way at least a few more days haha. That’s my only dream right now. Plus, life is so much better and more enjoyable when you are in a good mood. Scientists claim it takes around 28 days to create or break a habit, so my goal is to start smiling more - let's see how that will go. I am still obsessed with Sia's song 'You're Never Fully Dresses Without a Smile'. That phrase is so so true. Speaking of dressing, this is my first outfit post, so let me know what you think!

I have been reading some interesting and inspirational articles over the last few days. They helped me focus and concentrate my mind, which is what I really needed. Sometimes it takes so little to achieve something relatively big - you just have to have your arms and mind wide open (haha, see what I did there?). I hope you all feel that feeling of spring in the air and are also having a great day. It’s not exactly warm yet, but yesterday I dared to wear some lighter clothes to get some outfit pictures. That was a bad idea, I was freezing although you can’t really notice that in the pictures, but I am happy how they turned out. Like I said above, it’s my first proper outfit post but I will be sharing even more of them once it gets warmer. I have to rush now but I'll talk to you soon! Sending hugs and positive vibes to you all, wherever under the stars you may be.

P.S don't forget to smile :)

With Love,

Photos by Andi

What I'm wearing:

Jacket: Pimkie
Top: Next
Shirt: vintage
Jeans & Bracelet: Hollister
Sneakers: New Balance

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