London, Fundon


These lats couple of days just flew by, but I can definitely state that it was by far my favorite trip to London. I had such a great time at the BFI fetival and experiencing my first ever fashion week. It was a bit tricky managing the two but where there is will there is a way, right? But before I go back to my daily routine, a.k.a university and fighting boredom of living in a small town for two more months, I wanna share with you a few snaps from my trip to London before I forget about them and neglect the files somewhere inside my computer.

Back in September, when I was in London for a weekend, my friend showed me the Real Food Market near Waterloo and I was just so in love with it. Everything we tried was just so good! This time the festival that I was attending was located like 5 minutes away from Waterloo, so each time when we had a break, we went to get some food from that market. And I tell you this, I am officially obsessed. You can probably get any food that you will think of there. Seriously! Ok, I might be going a little too far with rambling about food, but trust me the cheesecakes there and some Indian meals are just insanely good. So yeah, you probably figured that this post has a lot of food photos in it. But it's very good looking so I couldn't stop myself from sharing, haha!

Aaand I am back in Wales now, back to my normal life. For two more months.

With Love,

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