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Tick, tock, tick, tock. Time is going by so incredibly quickly and slowing down is not in the plans. So what do you do? You jump on that fast ride and try to make the most of it. Give it all you have or don't bother at all, it's entirely up to you. There is one thing you need to have to get to where you're headed though - patience. I know I don't have it sometimes. We may be determined to pass our exams or get that perfect summer body, but the truth is, it won't happen without patience no matter how determined we are. I like to think that somethings we want in life could come easy but no, they only come through hard work and patience. So I want to talk about patience and why it is currently so important to me.

Today I woke up like usual with my alarm set for 8am, although I did not have any lectures or anything. I just wanted to get up and be productive but reality was a bit different. I turned on some music, made a cup of coffee and went back to bed for another few hours just to read some articles on my phone, and go through endless amounts of pictures on the internet. And I'm still in my pyjamas as I write this (student life at its finest right there). Don't know if I should blame it on this gloomy weather, although now it's getting better (yay!), or the fact that I am terrible at having free time. I love having plans and things to do, and crossing things off my to-do list, but whenever I have a day off I just laze around. I know I need to study but I keep putting things off because just the thought of it makes me stressed out, but that's where I remind myself breathe and 'BE PATIENT!'.

Long ago, I read a phrase 'people wait all week for Friday, all year for summer and all life for happiness', and I was a bit angry at how true it was. I am definitely waiting for summer right now, because I know that's when I will be done with university and I can finally start thinking about my future. It's so close but yet so far, and that's why I see this as an opportunity to develop patience. As well as that, I need to admit something. Sadly, I chose a bit of difficult time to open this blog because I really need to focus on my studies but all I think about is 'oh! I wanna go out and make some photos' or 'oh! I wanna share photos from this or that trip'. So yeah, the chances are that for the next two and a half months, I will be posting infrequently and maybe sometimes even quite rarely, but that does not mean I will disappear, it's just that now I have to prioritize one thing over another, and I hope you understand that.

Don't forget, it's just a little pause and I will still be posting stories and photos every week, but not as often as before. However, I am going to London next week for a film festival, and maybe I will have some time to catch some London Fashion Week fun as well, we'll see! I know I will have some nice photos to share with you, so I am really looking forward to that. Anyway, since spring is almost here I have some photos from about a year ago from my beloved Frankfurt. Pardon the quality, they were edited on my phone (this is where I would put the embarrassed monkey emoji if I could). My goal this year was to edit more on my computer, because I have Photoshop and Photoscape but I just can never bring myself to edit on my computer, always takes so much time and yeah I told you I need to work on developing my patience. How do you guys edit your pictures and which programs do you use? If you have some tips, please please share them with me!

And here's a throwback to my brunette days! Have a fabulous weekend.

With Love,

What I'm wearing:

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Hollister
Shirt: Hollister
Shoes: Converse

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  1. Lovely post darling! have an amazing sunday!

  2. I love this sweater! Great Post! New Follower!

    XO, Erica


  3. You have very beautiful face features! xx