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Now, now, how many of you kiddos are addicted to Instagram? Raise your hand. I am sure quite a lot! Before I begin my list of top 10 Instagram accounts I love, I just wanna quickly say how happy I am that it’s finally getting a little warmer, and we can finally put away those winter layers. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago I shipped off a huge box with my winter coats, jackets and shoes back to Germany, so when I am leaving UK in just a bit over a month I can hopefully fit the rest of the stuff in one suitcase. I already donated quite a bit of my clothes to the charity shop, but I will definitely need one more massive cleaning before I actually start packing. That’s the downside of not having a permanent home - always trying to fit your life into a suitcase that you drag along with you from one airport to another, from one destination to another. But what am I talking about, the real travellers probably have it much worse. Checking in tons of heavy suitcases and having to do that every few weeks must be exhausting. Actually traveling, fashion and food were today’s post's inspiration. All of the peeps in the list are big globetrotters, so check out my 10 favourite accounts on Instagram. And don't forget to write your favourite(s) in the comments!

I know how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd these days, and there are tons of amazing accounts out there, but these people just constantly inspire me with their photos, descriptions and how they see the world. They truly portray what it's like to live your life with Arms Wide Open! Some of them - I have been following for years, some - are very recent founds that really impressed me. That is why the 10 accounts below are all more or less equally my favourite, so there is no particular order. And I really recommend you play a feel-good song while scrolling through the list. Good music really enhances any photo watching experience, at least for me. Personally, this one is my ultimate go-to song if I need a boost of positive energy. Press play here.

Warning - prepare for some serious eye candy and your wanderlust, hunger or fashion cravings to kick in! Here we go:

1. @margaret__zhang (Margaret Zhang)

2. @sincerelyjules (Julia Sarinana)

3. @kristina_bazan (Kristina Bazan)

4. @tuulavintage (Jessica Stein)

5. @sjanaelise (Sjana Elise Earp)

6. @romeestrijd (Romee Strijd)

7. @queenofjetlags (Noor de Groot)

8. @classisinternal (Sonya Esman)

9. @martalozanop (Marta Lozano)

10. @luciapang (Lucia Pang)

Which of these did you know/follow before, and is there anyone from this list you followed after this article? Let me know!

With Love,

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  1. Sonya <3 she's the coolest, love her instagram so much!

    such a fun post, Bri. I've been thinking lately that my instagram feed is boring, so now I'll have some new cool people to follow :)) oh, and the song... <3

    1. Yes!!! And her youtube videos are amazing. So glad you liked this blog post E! <3

      With Love,

  2. I love Kayture and Sonya Esman. Damn Sjana's instagram and levels of fitness is amazing !


    1. And Sjana also seems like such a lovely person as well! By the way, I am so glad I discovered your account and blog just recently too! x

  3. Thanks for tips!:) www.jojovictus.blogspot.com