A Quick Hello


Hi guys! To those who actually do follow me and care - I am so sorry about my lack of updates here on the blog, and Instagram. I knew it will be like this once the spring is here. It is definitely the busiest time for me right now, and I cannot begin to tell you how emotionally overwhelming it feels. As much as I wish I could be posting almost daily, I know at the same time that it's impossible. So, my dissertation is due in less than two months now and I still don't even have a half of it (yikes!). I think I've mentioned a while ago that writing has never been my biggest strength, but academic writing is a totally different story - I struggled with it my whole life. But you know, I am not here to complain because I know that whatever rock is thrown at me, or whatever obstacle I have to overcome to achieve something, I will do it. There's no other way, only forwards!

So all the worries aside, how have you all been? Have you planned any holidays or vacations any time soon? Easter is almost approaching and I wish I could go to see my family, but because of my studies I have to stay in the UK. But I already booked the tickets for the beginning of May. Once the semester ends and I submit my dissertation, I am moving back to Germany - can't wait! I feel like I will really need a mini vacation or at least a weekend getaway sometime in May or June after all of this is over. And although I do live 10 meters away from the sea now, I don't really feel like on vacation. It's just different when your mind is busy and you can't feel relaxed. It doesn't matter if you're by the seaside or not. Anyway, I am off to see a friend of mine for dinner and maybe a movie afterwards to end this beautiful Sunday! Oh, and how could I forget it... To all you beautiful, married or single ladies, girls and misses - Happy Women's Day!

With Love,

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  1. Great post! Hope You had wonderful Women's day!!