The more I need to concentrate, the more my mind seems to do the opposite. It's just a vicious circle, like a war between my mind and my heart. My mind says 'study, you've got lots of work to do', and my heart says 'nah, just be lazy and do whatever you feel like'. So yeah, my mind has kinda lost that fight and that's why I have been daydreaming way too much in the last couple of days. And not just any kind of daydreaming, but one very specific dream - France. I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore that country, and let me tell you why. If you asked any girl who has never been to Paris if she would like to go, I can almost guarantee that 90% of them would say 'is this even a real question, OF COURSE!'. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but at least that was the case for me. I remember when I was younger, I had this weird fascination with their culture without even ever having been there, and I don't know why. Maybe I lived there in my previous life or something haha. But seriously, I am not joking. I am obsessed with their language, culture, people, fashion, music - EVERYTHING! And so this is how the story goes.

The first place I went to in France, was definitely not cliché (just kidding), it was Paris. I had to decide between high school graduation or my 18th birthday, since they both happened to happen on the same day. Which one did I choose? Yup, yup, you guessed it - it was Paris. I was excited beyond words and thought it cannot be real. A week in the city of love sounded like a dream. But it was the most amazing week of my life at that time. I found this cozy, typical French apartment near Jardin du Luxembourg and was so excited and ready for a week of adventures. Trying Ladurée macarons, seeing Bastille Day fireworks near the Eiffel Tower (the next day after my birthday, what a perfect timing), exploring Montmartre and many more things that left me in awe is what made me fall in love with that city.

As much as I am madly in love Paris, we all know it is not the whole France. I've been to quite a few other places since then: Nancy, Colmar, Dijon, Strasbourg, Lyon, Nice, Cannes and probably one or two more that I forgot. Coming from a small country myself, I cannot explain to you how amazing it is to see one culture differ so much from north to south. It is still just as brilliant, nonetheless. Being such a diverse country and still maintaining this authenticity is what really stays in your mind about France, no matter where you go. When I think about France, I instantly think about their great sense of style, my unexplainable obsession with Debussy (I may or may not have 4 books about him on my table right now), insanely good music from my techno God - Gesaffelstein, my admiration for Brigitte Bardot, wonderful French food and their cozy little cafes. The list could go on and on. But it's just my perspective, I still want to learn so much about their culture and maybe learn their language one day, you never know right! But what about you? Have you guys been to France? If so where, and what did you like or hate about it? Feel free to share your stories!

Looking at these photos makes me miss it so much, I hope I get to go this summer again!

With Love,

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  1. Prancuzija tikrai nuostabi salis, zavinti tiek savo virtuve (ooch tos sraiges nuotraukoj, niom niom :), tiek stiliumi, tiek nuostabiais krastovaizdziais. Esu buvusi pora karta Paryziuje, na turiu pasakyti, kad visuomet smagu ten sugrizti, kazkoks keistas pozytivus jausmas apima bunant sioj sostinej.. Oh isvis kaip gera keliauti, stai dabar prisiziurejusi tavo nuotrauku, isisvajojau :)

    1. Kaip smagu isgirsti toki komentara, kuris nesudideda tik is keliu zodziu! Haha:) del sraigiu... na, pripazinsiu, maniau numirsiu.. kol prisiverciau jas paragauti (buvo sunku, nes nevalgau mesos jau keletas metu), bet patiko beprotiskai, tad manau valgyciau jas ir dar karta! Ar turi kokiu megstamiausiu vietu Paryziuje? :) x