Sunsets on The Beach


Good day all! How is life? First of all, happy 1st of March everyone! I am so happy spring is finally here (well at least the calendar claims that it's here), and that winter is officially over. The thought of flowers, blooming trees and sunshine, fills my heart with joy. We have to wait just a little while now before the spring daze begins, which is totally fine for me as I am stuck indoors with approaching assignments and deadlines anyway. But once it's over, I cannot wait to enjoy all the beauty out there! My inner child just got this crazy idea of rolling down the hill, like we all used to do it as children haha. I am not gonna do that though, I just remembered how much fun that used to be.

I have been stuck at home working on essays, presentations and scrapbooks (sooo fun, NOT!), but also managed to squeeze in some fun too. Ok, my kind of fun is probably a bit different then most of the people's but what I mean is, on Friday I watched the Victoria's Secret Swim Special and you guys! It's just amazing. Have any of you seen it? Being a photo freak myself, I was so passionate watching all the gorgeous models shoot in these insane locations in Puerto Rico. It just warmed my heart and made me dream of a getaway to some hot place! Then I remembered that I haven't shown you these photos from the beach that we shot with my friend Andi almost right outside my window. There was such a stunning sunset that evening, and people gathered to watch starlings dance in the sky. So did I and my friend, only we captured that on camera. Speaking of which, I hope I'll have some new photos to share with you next week!

P.S Excuse the crazy hair in the photos, the wind in Wales is sometimes 'a little' harsh. Also, do you guys have anything you'd like me to write about? If so, let me know below!

With Love,

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