A Pop of Pink


Happy Friday dear readers! As you can tell, today's post is really bright and colourful, and it's quite funny because that's the opposite of the situation outside when I am writing this. When we shot these photos yesterday, the weather was extremely beautiful and I was just really happy. Effortless outfit, sunshine and that careless, peaceful feeling in your mind - what else could you possibly need to have a good day? During this impromptu shoot I got a call from a photo studio, saying my film has been developed and I was so excited to pick it up. I wish you would have seen my face when I took out the photos from the envelope. They turned out SO COOL! To clarify, the photos are from almost a year ago when I was on a roadtrip from Italian coastline to the French Riviera. Anyway, more about that in a separate post soon. Now take a look at the photos from yesterday, where I was wearing these lovely Freyrs sunglasses. I loved pink since I was a child, so when I got to choose any sunglasses from their website I knew I had to have these. May I just say that attempting to be an adult and battling your obsession with pink is a difficult task haha.

After our shoot, we got some takeaway pizza and just hung out at my friend's place - you can tell my mission to study is going 'well'. P.S anyone else feeling really uninspired to cook lately? I need to work on my diet, as I have been treating my body way too 'good' by indulging with whatever I feel like every day, and by that I mean definitely not the healthiest things. But to be honest, I can't wait for summer. Not only is it my favorite season (because I was born in summer), but also because all the tastiest and most-nutritional food grows in summer. So I can't wait for all the cherries and berries and all that yummy goodness! I still remember, how I'd climb our cherry tree as a child and eat until my lips were almost the same colour as the lipstick I wore in these photos. What is one thing you can't wait for? Maybe exams to be over? Or for your vacation? Or maybe for cherries and the new season of Orange Is the New Black like me? Haha, let me know in the comments below!

Today I'm listening to: ODESZA - Kusanagi

With Love,

Photos by Janoo Wasan

What I'm wearing:

T-Shirt and Jeans: Hollister
Denim shirt: Primark
Espadrilles: SoulCal
Sunglasses: Freyrs

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  1. Love the denim-denim-white T combo! I also can't wait for Orange is the New Black, tons of time outside, and watermelon!

    1. Seems like we have so much in common, that's amazing! And I can't wait for watermelons too! x

  2. Beautiful photos! Love your outfit combination and your lovely shades :) Happy weekend! xx Maja
    - http://majasmuffin.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you Maja! Happy weekend to you as well :) x

  3. Replies
    1. It's definitely a go-to outfit when you want to feel comfy! Thanks Eden :) x

  4. lovely pics, that yellow door is a great background for your blue-denim outfit

    1. It's always a bit tricky to find what looks interesting together with your outfit! Actually at the beginning of this shoot I found a nice green wall, but then decided to go with yellow as it looked more summer-y and fun:) thanks dear!