One Year Ago


Good morning guys! Do you remember my photo diary from Italy? It was and still is one of my favorite articles on the blog because of all the memories about that trip. It was truly such a wild and liberating experience being on the road with my close friend Gloria, whom I not only miss dearly but also wish to experience many more adventures like this again and again. If you remember, I mentioned in that article that I still have an undeveloped film from that trip, which was still hidden somewhere in one of my drawers. I have never properly used a film camera before and took it with me on our road trip purely out of a wish to experiment and capture random moments, without even thinking of the outcome. So when I finally came about to bringing it to a local photo shop and getting the photos back a week later, my excitement was through the roof. They are the weirdest, most magical photos I have ever seen or taken. I think the reason why I love each and every photo so much is because of how personal they are to me, and how clearly I can remember those moments before the shutter button was pressed. Leaked, blurry, and out of focus, these are some moments on film, captured one year ago.

By the way, have you ever used or maybe still use a film camera? I think the film inside this one was very old, hence all the extreme leaks, but I would love to experiment more in the future, so if you have any recommendations for a good fisheye, lomo or polaroid camera, leave a comment below!

Today I'm listening to: Flume - The Greatest View

With Love,

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  1. Well I know what you're talkin' about because I'm Italian dear :)

    Hello dear, I’m an italian blogger and what do you think to follow each other here and on the other social networks? Thank you so much! Let me know when you follow me and I’ll follow back.
    Giada, blogger of Being Over the Moon

  2. There is seriously such a lovely and indescribable quality about film photography. I have seen some people do a really good job at basically achieving that quality with digital, and it IS possible with the right toning and grain, but with film, you get that look automatically - it's so dimensional. Really lovely photos. Unfortunately, I have kind of lost all my film skill from school and my film photos always come out a lot less spectacular then I hope - then again when you get them processed at a local store you are not able to dodge and burn so the photos are never quite as good as they would be if you developed them on your own in the dark room.

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. I can't even imagine the excitement of developing photos yourself or knowing how to do it in the first place! That is so cool, and I wish I had at least your skills. It's so easy to forget the real gems like film photography in our digital world. Thanks so much for your comment Rae!