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I will be totally honest with you, I didn't want to look when was the last time I posted on here but I am sure it's been a while. I didn't intend to neglect the blog or anything like that, it's just that I felt somewhat uninspired and confused. Why? Well, stress was taking its toll on me (still is) but there were also things like boredom, lack of ideas and motivation that have been added to this cocktail and made me stay away from blogging. A lot of my friends know that sometimes I disappear, deactivate my Facebook and come back to my 'normal' self a week or two later, feeling much better. However, in the last couple of days I've been thinking a lot, and I realised that it's not about trying to escape from myself or from those of you who read my blog, but about trying to overcome that discomfort of not being fine by talking about it. I was really inspired by one of my favourite bloggers', Marianna's, recent posts, which you can read here. I also talked to my good friends and was inspired by what they said to me, and was really inspired afterwards to continue what I started, which is writing to all of you out there.

One of my flat mates asked my why I don't write about simple things like who I've met with that day, or what my studies are all about, and instead talk about my state of mind a lot. I was sure that no one really cares about my every day life but I guess giving out a few more details, won't hurt me. Last week, we wrapped up filming our final project and have been editing it over the weekend. I really can't wait to see the final result! I am still not finished with my dissertation but I am going to be working on it in the next days. I swear, I will be in euphoria when I submit it haha. Aside from my studies, there are millions of other things going on. Yesterday I was at a hospital that is two hours away from where I live, for and MRI-a for my hip. I thought I will faint on that damn table when they injected a massive needle in my hip. It wasn't very painful but you can imagine how pleasant it feels (joking obviously). Thank God for the wonderful staff who were very comforting and nice. Today I am limping a little but I'll be fine in no time. Now to get the results and see what's gonna happen next. To cure my insane stress levels, I've been eating a lot of amazing ice cream lately and I can't tell you how much I love it. Is anyone else getting obsessed with ice cream now that it's getting warmer and warmer?

In two weeks I am moving back to Germany, and I will miss these sunsets from my window every evening SO MUCH! I mean look at it... the photo of the seagulls was also taken from my room. Ah, I live in paradise and will be really sad to leave. Anyway, I will try not to disappear for so long now and keep you guys updated. Hope you enjoyed this post! Sending you all a warm hug.

With Love,

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  1. I have been COMPLETELY on an ice cream kick the last few weeks! I've been all about trying new flavors, and buying mini containers so I can get more than one flavor.

    I think the cool thing about blogging, is that readers feel like they're getting to know a new friend (or an old friend if you've been following someone for years), and so while you bloggers think certain things are too boring to share, or for your readers to be interested in, we enjoy just getting to know you on all sorts of different levels and relating, not only to the big emotions, but the every day things we find in common with you (like ice cream obsessions). My point is, we're happy to read and support you in anything you decide to share.

    1. I swear each time I see your comment, no matter how long or short it is, I know I will have a smile on my face! Haha, I am so glad there are others going a little crazy with ice cream right now, did you find a new favorite flavour? So far my favourite new flavours are honey-based strawberry ice cream and turkish delight. Also, thank you for giving me a boost of courage to be more open about what I'm blogging! I always appreciate and love your comments Aimee! <3

    2. Thank you! That was a great response to begin my weekend!

      The new flavor I discovered was S'mores - with chocolate fudge and marshmallow ice cream and chunks of chocolate and graham cracker.