A Day In Brussels



On Saturday, barely two days later after coming back to Germany I was already on the way to Belgium. I was really excited about the trip as I have never been there before and my wanderlust has been kicking in all the time I was living in Wales. So as you know since I start work tomorrow, a day trip to Brussels seemed like a perfect getaway before I am back on a busy schedule. To tell you the truth, I did't know anything about the place before going there, nor did I have any expectations. All I can say is that it's a different city from any others I've ever been to, but very very good different. It's really big and stretched out but also so vibrant and bustling in the city centre that it left me fascinated and eager to come back again, but so did Dublin and a few more places haha. So maybe it's just me wanting to always be on the go and explore everything there is in this world. Honestly, there is no better feeling than being lost and wandering the streets of a place you've never been to before and finding the most magical little corners as you go. That's what I loved about Brussels - lots of amazing streets, and green parks, hustle and bustle vibes everywhere and their amazing waffles. My God, those waffles with chocolate - I could happily live off them for the rest of my life.

With Love,

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  1. Beautiful! Looks like a great weekend getaway. Good luck with your new job!

    1. A little late but still a big thank you Aimee! <3