Good To Be Back


It's crazy to think how quickly time flies. I remember getting stressed out about my studies just recently and now it's all behind. I am done with university, started a new job, turning 21 in July and have the whole life ahead. It's crazy, liberating, exciting, and definitely inspiring. I am inspired and curious what the future will bring. I always feel this way in Frankfurt. Those who have been reading my blog since the beginning will know I lived in Frankfurt last year for about 12 months, and I am so happy to be living here again. This city is so vibrant and busy, yet some places are so relaxing and a real pleasure to be at. I have some favorite restaurants, parks and coffee spots that I go to a lot, but I'm sure there are still so many more to discover. That is my mission this summer - to explore this city as much as I can and obviously show it to you through the photos. I am aware that my posts are getting somewhat shorter but I hope that is not a problem for you guys because I am really trying my best to share with you some new content whenever I can. And today I have some lovely photos from today's afternoon I spent with one of my close friends Roxy (thank God for days off haha). Catching up while having lunch and a coffee, plus soaking up the sunshine - that's my recipe for a good time. 

Sending you all a warm hug!

With Love,

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