It's Done!


I am so so happy and relieved to finally be done with university!!! I honestly feel like the last three years just flew by, but the last two weeks and a half have been so intense I thought I will go crazy. I don't think I've ever had that type of period of my lyfe before where you go to sleep at 5, 6 or 8am only to wake up a few hours later and work on assignments again. So to say that I am sleep deprived is an understatement. I had that weird sensation where I am fully awake and talking to people but felt like I am actually dreaming. Kiddos, my advice if you're still in university don't leave assignments to the very last minute - it's a horrible idea and you will hate yourself for that. On top of it all it was another madness - packing my life into a suitcase because I moved back to Germany yesterday. It feels so good to be back in Frankfurt, as I lived here for a bit more than 12 months last year and it's just one of my favorite places I've ever been. You'd think one deserves to rest a little after finishing university but nope that's not me! I actually already have a lot of plans ahead.

Since I worked for Hollister last year, I really grew to love working in a busy environment and wanted to come back, so on Monday I am starting as an MIT (manger in training). So excited about it, as it will be another challenge and I am really looking forward to it! As well as that, I hope my work won't take up all my time and I will still post here often enough for you guys to see what's happening in my life. Now that the sunshine is treating us more and more often I feel more inspired! In fact, I was out today and I thought I will melt - it's quite a big contrast to the weather we had in Wales the last few days. Anyway, this is just a short post as I still have some errands to run today, and I am also leaving to Belgium tomorrow so I think my next post will be a photo diary from Brussels. If you have ever been there and have any tips for what to see/try please leave them in the comments! And oh, these photos were shot in Aberystwyth two days before I had to leave to Germany. If only you knew what it really felt like to pose in a dress haha - I'll just say that it definitely wasn't bare legs weather! The rain was pouring every 5 minutes and I thought I will get blown away by the wind any second, but I really wanted to shoot near this blue wall wearing these lovely blue shades from again Freyrs again:) let me know what you think of them! xo

With Love,

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