Hey guys. It seems like forever since I wrote about something personal or posted an article that wasn't a photo diary of a city I visited just recently. Today seemed like a perfcet day to change that. I am starting to get into a cycle where one busy day changes another and I barely notice when the beginning of the week turns into a weekend. All in an instance of an eye blink. Is this what adulthood is going to be like? I don't know, but if it is then it's totally crazy. I am not complaining, I always dreamed of being busy, living life to the fullest, and tomorrow is already summer (at least that's what the calendar says, but not the weather outside). I will turn 21 in July and then what? Who knows. I think I need to make some plans, create some goals for myself, as now I feel like I am simply going with the flow. Not that it's a bad thing I guess. To be honest, I really haven't had the time to process things, I just finished university, moved back to Germany, started work and it all went by so fast. Only now is it all starting to kind of catch up. I don't have as much free time anymore (barely any actually), everything is faster, busier, louder. And I'm just trying to make the most of all that chaos.

Last weekend, I was visiting my mom and had such a lovely time. I always have this weird need to get away from all the hustle and bustle in the city and go to see my mom whenever I can, as she lives in a super small town about 3 hours away from Frankfurt. I cut my hair on Tuesday as well, and I love that it's quite short now (you can see it in the photo above). I never liked short hair as a child, but now I was sick of my dry ends and decided to chop them off. I always like to change my hairstyle, although you probably know that if you read my blog for a while. What do you think of it? I think it's a great choice for summer. Below I have some random photos that I combined for you from my phone. I added a little description with them, so I hope you enjoy that. P.S sorry in advance, I have a serious obsession with taking photos of flowers whenever I see them.

Today I'm listening to: City and Colour - Paradise

With Love,

Today's lunch with a friend.

A beautiful bouquet of pastel roses from last week.

Someone's picturesque garden here in Frankfurt.

New red kicks.

Snacking whilst at my mom's.

Dunkin' donuts at work.

Breakfast with mom.

Last Sunday's breakfast outside.

Pretty hydrangeas.

People and their companions.

A few streets away from where I live. Frankfurt is so beautiful.

Made some new friends.

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  1. I love the haircut, and it looks like your summer is off to a great start. Adult like can definitely be busy and chaotic, but it's important to make time to treat yourself to little luxuries, like breakfasts with mom!

    1. Oh thanks! :D I wasn't sure if I'll be able to pull it off and sometimes I find it difficult to style, but seems like the messier the better haha. How how you been doing lately yourself? And what you said is definitely true, we all deserve to treat ourselves after long and busy periods at work or school. Hugs! xo

  2. Are these photos taken with your phone? Really!? woooow!

    I was also there, feeling the need to have some plans. The early twenties are not easy... I guess.
    I'm in the middle now, and the things start to make some sense! :)

    Love your blog! Honestly!

    1. They are! iPhone camera is really good:) Thank you very much Joanne, I love the fact that people who randomly come across (or follow my blog continuously) are able to relate to what I write about or have experiences that they can share on here. There's a quote which says that your 20's should be all about traveling, exploring and never touching the ground, so being so busy that you even forget to reflect on stuff is probably for the better. I guess I'll find out soon! :)

      Thanks again! xo