It's been way too long. I know, and I am really sorry about that. I can't actually tell you how many times throughout the day I think about writing and pouring out all the thoughts out here, but for the last weeks I couldn't have seem to wrap my head around what is it that I wanted to say. And finally when I did, I got sick, so this post is not going to be about that. The last couple of days have been horrible, I am trying to endure all the sneezing and coughing but the light at the end of the tunnel still seems quite far. This morning I made a cup of coffee and moved from my bed to the couch (it's a progress cosidering I spent all day in bed yesterday), and when I thought I'll catch up with emails or watch some shows I ended up sneezing and spilling the coffee all over the couch. I kid you not. At least it wasn't my macbook, which was placed on my lap in that moment. Le sigh, I am just so sick of being sick really.., this is just not the best timing.

The last couple of weeks consisted of work, work, work and enjoying all the delicious strawberries and watermelons. Summer is almost at its nicest peak but I was somehow feeling like something's missing. I knew what it was immediately the moment I saw a concert advertisement. I am the crazy person who goes to the concerts alone all the time and I desperately need to go to one this summer. I just can't explain the magic that starts to run through my veins when I am in the crowd and the whole body is lost in the sounds, it's like I go to a different world, those feelings are unreal. That's exactly what was missing - that spark, that rush of energy. I always walk out of the concert hall feeling braver, more inspired and daring to dream bigger, which is why I am so grateful for music - it is like a battery for my soul. Are any of you going or have already gone to some conerts this summer?

Last weekend, I spent a glorious Sunday on the beach with my close friend. I was way too happy about the sunshine and warmth on my skin that I ended up doing the stupidest and most careless thing - not wearing a sunscreen. I spent about three days cursing myself out of frustration because I had the worst sunburn on my back. I never had it in my life before, so I had the pleasure of discovering the pain and the peeling which now left my back marked with spots *sneeze*. Sorry. Anyway, there are shitty moments in life like my last week, and there are amazing moments too. I am excited about July, there are a bunch of beautiful things I am looking forward to. My birthday is in a few weeks, I will fly to the UK for my university graduation, and go to a few concerts, and hopefully along all this there will be some unexpected surprises. You never know, it might be something like seeing a rainbow on your way to work, or catching some stranger's smile that will turn your day around and make your heart fluster. That is why I wish you all a week of good surprises and moments which will make your heart fluster.

But for now I am back to my office (aka my bed). Speak to you all soon.

With Love,

Taking advantage of being sick and reading about the one and only Brigitte Bardot. I absolutely love and admire her, and this is my favorite video of her.

Rainy Sunday view outside.

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