July In A Nutshell



July has been one hell of a month. I know it's not over yet but it feels like so many things have happened and it's just one of those months where you need to stop in order to catch your breath. My 21st birthday, university graduation, short trips to Switzerland and London, and work in between all this. Naturally, it's been a month where more hours in a day were needed. More hours to sleep but also more hours to stay awake to take it all in and do everything on the never-ending to-do list. It's the end of the month and there is still so much to do, and I know that I should be sleeping now but I chose to ramble on here for a bit before I do so. I haven't carried my camera around that much (two years owning a DSLR and still don't know how to make that thing produce nice photos), but anyway I decided to post some photos from my phone that are already somewhere neglected amongst thousands of others meaningless photos. But if you do enjoy getting a little sneak peak into my ordinary life every now and then, let me know - I'll gladly share that with you again. Good night and have a productive (or relaxing) last week of July! xo

  Today I'm listening to: ManiezzL - Long Story Short (Original Mix)

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*Photo above: my favorite skyline - Frankfurt. Strange how a place in which you live less than two years can feel so close to your heart.

 Organic ice cream at a local gelato place. Rhubarb, green smoothie and other unique flavours that I don't remember.

 Same thing as above just presented a bit more artsy.

 Sipping on unhealthy drinks on a lunch break and randomly coming across red sparkly floor.

 My fun birthday selfie. I bought myself that crown. No shame.

 A beautiful hot day in Bern, Switzerland. Already dreaming of going there again.

 Honestly, this dessert I had for my birthday was one of the most delicious things I ever tried. That combination of sweet chocolate and sour cherries.. Mmm! *drools*

 Somewhere up in the sky with the most beautiful view.

 Urban Outfitters like always has the best cups. This one is so me haha. Luckily I resisted buying it.

 I honestly have no idea what this shoe was for but it seemed pretty so I snapchatted it to my friends on the way home after work.

 Enjoying a yummy mocha in my university town on the last day.

 July was a month filled with many yummy drinks. These are non-alcoholic mojitos.

 Trying freshly caught oysters for the first time. Boy, was I nervous! I don't eat meat so I'm not particularly fond of any living creatures (except fish).

 The view that will forever stay in my mind.

 Sunsets sky in Aberystwyth is simply stunning.

 Flowers. Never too many photos of flowers.

 Random shot I snapped in London.

Most of my favorite photos however always make it to Instagram, so make sure to follow me on there if you're interested. Here is my account.

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  1. Since your photos always seem to be of such amazing quality, and you said you've struggled using your DSLR, can I ask what you normally use to take photos? Just your phone? I would also love to suggest a post where you talk about your photo process - what you use to take photos, what you use to edit, tips & tricks for editing, etc. I'm really interested in improving my photography skills before I start making an effort to travel!

    1. Sorry for an overdue reply! First of all thank you, although I do not think that of my photos because I've always been extremely precise about photos, framing and such since I was young. I can retake a photo twenty times if needed only to get a right light, angle and so on but that might be just a perfectionist in me haha. Yes, I am incredibly bad with technology, so I still haven't paid much attention to my Canon 60D that I bought about two years ago. I use it every now and then but only when I know I want to make some good quality photos (like on vacations etc) and not on every day-to-day basis because it has a heavy lens as well. My best advice is to take as many photos as you can and choose one or two that you like most and then try to see what you like about them - is it the angle, the lighting, or maybe the framing? When you see those things, focus on them next time you take a photo and try to use the same strategy until you pick it up naturally.

      To answer your question, sadly I use mostly my phone these days but I will try to get back to my DSLR at some point, as it's a pity to neglect something you invested in yourself. For editing, when my mac co-operates with me I try to work on Photoshop if not I just use some apps on my phone like VSCO or Afterlight and just go with different filters most of the time. However, I know a lot of bloggers have their specific style of editing and always stick to it - I don't do that, or maybe I haven't discovered it yet. By any means, I highly recommed you to read this article by a photographer who takes photos of probably my favorite blogger out there: http://www.kayture.com/2014/06/best-camera-for-fashion-bloggers.html it's really useful if you wanna take up photography seriously. If you have any more questions let me know, and like always really appreciate your comment! xx

  2. What gorgeous photos! I've got a major case of wanderlust now :) Also, checked out the link from your comment above, great advice! Thank you xx


  3. You caught a great shot of the Frankfurt skyline! I was there for a night and could understand the draw...it's really something else at night. Also love the rest of your pics!