Summer In The City


Hey beauties! How is life treating you all? This week flew by so quick. Here I am blogging on a Friday night when probably most people my age are out and about or on tumblr (Edit: an outrageous thunderstorm with lightning just started so probably everyone is running home haha). Either way, I am here with some summery photos from yesterday when me and my friend went to a place I wanted to go for over a year - Long Island Summer Lounge. I live in the city centre and this place is literally a 10 minute walk at the most but somehow I never had the time or bla bla bla. But yesterday when I had to show my friend (who is in town for a short time) something nice, I instantly thought of a place with a view. And Long Island Lounge has exactly that - probably the most stunning view in town. I was excited for myself but was also really happy to hang after work and show my friend this place. A drink or two, beach vibes (thanks to the pool and the palm trees), some girl talk and it feels like a paradise in the middle of a city.

P.S I'm wearing an all Hollister outfit and the tattoos are from Gold Ink Tattoo. They were so kind and send me a package of them, and now I can't stop receiving compliments so definitely check them out!

With Love,

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  1. great photos! How lovely to drink cocktails in the outdoors!


    1. It is! Especially on nice evenings like the one here! :) x