That Small Town Life


Hey guys! I rolled out of bed an hour ago and have been trying to clean around some stuff that's been all over the flat since I came back from London on Monday night. I am sipping coffee as I type this and thinking what I have to do before I leave for work for the rest of the day, but obviously today my priorities are blogging haha. I woke up and felt like blogging and sharing with you some photos from Aberystwyth for one last time. I lived in Aberystwyth, Wales for two years during my studies - in my first and final year, during the second year I was on exchange here in Germany. Anyway, to the point. So during last weekend, while I was in Aber for my graduation, I wanted to enjoy the lovely town for one last time and take it all in. It was a part of me and to think that I'll probably never come back there makes me sentimental. You know your student life is officially over when you're holding in your hands your degree and all you have left are your memories of those years. So I wanted to share some of them with you today.

I remember going to lectures up that annoying steep hill with my friend, the wind that turns your hair into a complete mess, and constant weather battle between rain and sunshine. I guess it sums up quite whell what living in Aberystwyth is really like. It's mostly populated by students and when I was choosing where to study in the UK, I instantly knew this was the place. Why? No idea. I just went with my gut. And now looking back at these photos and memories, I realise it was the best decision I ever made and it was only a beginning of a big journey. I added a little caption with the photos just so you can get a better idea of what is what. I have to rush to work now, so I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day! xo

P.S I'm in love with the song below, it's a song that will remind me of this summer!

Today I'm listening to: Sigala - Easy Love

With Love,

One of my favorite spots for coffee right on the beach.

The main street. Usually it's more crowded than that but most of the students have left for the summer.

Seagulls, seagulls everywhere. Either they want to steal your food or crap on your car. Or on you. You never know.

Forever freezing on the beach because of the wind.


The wind is always out of control there.

My friend Janoo.

Pretty much the whole town in a photo.

Me being me.

The joy of having graduated is clearly visible on my face.

The Old College on the right is my favorite building in town. Always reminds me of Hogwarts.

Living life with Arms Wide Open!

Just some regular waves. I am not joking.

Sunset walk on the beach.

The most beautiful evening to finish off this beautiful experience. Grateful, my heart is grateful.

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