Buenos dias! As I mentioned in my last post, I'm going on vacation soon. Actually next Tuesday, so very very soon and I'm extremely excited! And the destination is: Spain! I've never been to Spain before and always wanted to see their beautiful sunny country, and obviously try paella, churros and eat so many tapas that I can't move haha. Ok, maybe I will not overdo it but I will sure try to indulge in as much Spanish goodness as I can. That's why I need YOUR advice if you've ever been to Spain what to try, where to eat, what to see. I'll be in Barcelona for a few days to enjoy the beach and all there is and then flying straight to Madrid to finish off the trip. I am the kind of person who normally researches a ton before going to a new city or country, but this time due to work I was unable to do that yet, so I thought I'll ask here for anyone's advice before I spend my Sunday googling for 10 hours haha.

I picked up this cute bikini the other day from Tenezis here in Frankfurt, and thought the fruity design is perfect for Barcelona. I hope the weather will allow me to enjoy a day or two at the beach as I'll indulge in all the local produce. Also, if you're interested to see more photos of the trip you can follow me on Instagram or by looking up the hashtag #EnRouteWithBri which I created for whenever I'm on the road and travelling. And if you have any stories of your trips to Spain, feel free to sahre them below! Hope to see some of your stories in the comments. Speak to you soon!

With Love,

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  1. Adorable bathing suit! Have an amazing trip!

    1. Sometimes you find the best stuff when you just pop in randomly into some shops! Thank you! :) x