Barcelona Sunshine


Hey there! As you see above I have a new photo to add to my collection of photos of Arms Wide Open! Sorry if it's becoming a little cliché haha. Anyway, today I'm back with a second photo diary of my trip to Spain. This one is still about Barcelona and I really don't know how many more posts I have for you guys about this trip but I hope you will enjoy them. I definitely am looking back on these memories with a smile on my face. I've noticed a lot of people lately have been getting unhappy about the weather getting colder, as well as struggling to say goodbye to summer. I can relate to it, but at least I am not too sad about it. This trip was a perfect end to my summer (no matter how short it really felt). Generally this summer was filled with lots of hard work but also moments where I really got to indulge, enjoy and celebrate life. And I can definitely say that the days spent in Barcelona were amongst them. Asides the fantastic weather (actually a little overwhelmingly hot for my liking), there were so many amazing things not only to see but to try as well! So this photo diary has a lot of photos of yummy foods.

Barcelona is the kind of place where the seafood is probably one of the best in the world. Everything is freshly caught, prepared and served for you to enjoy. Not to mention rows and endless markets of fresh fruits and local produce. Ahh, my mouth gets all watery remembering the taste of figues. I mean we have figues and other fruits in Germany obviously, but as you probably understood, all the fruits taste so much better in Spain due to constant sunshine. I am not a keen promoter of animal products, and don't eat any meat myself for almost 5 years but seafood is my weakness. I love salmon and all kinds of fish but in Barcelona (or any other Spanish seaside town or city), it would be a mistake to visit and not enjoy all the mussels, oysters, shrimps and paellas. Seriously, it's not only interesting to change up your diet a little, as I assume no one eats oysters on a daily basis, but it's also great to get some healthy nutrients in your body too! I also lost county of how much watermelon I consumed in that week too...

Anyway, I am getting a bit overboard with all my love for food, this post is not only about that. There's are some wonderful photos below of Place d'Espanya (the water show at the magic fountain of Montjuic is the must stunning sight ever! It's a must see for everyone who visits Barcelona), as well as a snippet of La Sagrada Familia - a church created by Gaudi but that is still unfinished. I did not visit it from the inside but apparently it's breathtaking so I'll definitely have to go there next time. That's it for now, I really hope you enjoy all the photos and I'll be back soon with more photos for you guys.

With Love,

Today I'm listening to: Barcelona - Come Back When You Can

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  1. Barselona - pasakiskas miestas. Man taip patiko, kad noreciau vel ten sugrizti. Puikios nuotraukos, o ypac pirmoji man laaaabai patinka :)

    1. Tai tikrai unikalus Europos krastelis! Tiek ivairoves, kad mielai praleisciau ten ilgiau laiko. Kada ten lankeisi ir kiek laiko buvai? P.S aciu uz silta komplimenta! <3

  2. Šaunus tekstas, smagiai susiskaitė. Šaunuolė, o Barselona yra turbūt gražiausias Europos miestas, aplankytas ne vieną ir ne du kartus ir manau bus lankomas dar n kartų (: spalvingų kelionių!

    1. Aciu Laurynai! Pritariu, Barselona tikrai turi savo sarmo ir labai vilioja savo siluma, geru oru, bei nuostabiu maistu ir vaizdais! :)