It's been a while since I've written a post that is not about a travel destination, or something random but is special. Well that is about to change right now, with this post about a brand that I wanted to introduce to you guys a while ago but kept on postponing for some reason. The lovely team at Shashi office in New York City let me choose three items from their collection and I was so excited until I actually started choosing. You know why? Because it was TOO HARD! I am truly a mad lover of delicate jewelry since I was a child/teen and always had a thin necklace usually gifted for my birthday or other occasion and some tiny earrings basically at all times. Although I have to admit I don't feel very comfortable wearring rings, but a little bracelet or a necklace has been a must for me for many years. It's a bit difficult to convey this feeling but it's almost like if something's missing if I am not wearing any jewelry. Anyway, so I sat down one evening a few months back with a cup of tea to explore all the gorgeous little pieces on Shashi's website and probably spent there a couple of hours. Check out which pieces I eventually ended up choosing!

I picked this Diamond Circle Necklace in rose gold. This Maya Bracelet in teal, which is so fun and youthful! It's both elegant and edgy and that's why I loved it so much instantly. It kind of reminds me of transferring from handmade bracelets we probably all wore as children/teens and starting to invest in more elegant pieces with years. I think it's exactly my style and can be combined and worn with so many other jewelry pieces and different outfits. Actually I was surprised how well it looked together with my beloved Devotion Rosegold watch from Prisma. That's the combo I'll be wearing a lot for sure. The final piece which I chose from Shashi's collection was this Ballerina Stretch Bracelet in WG/Chocolate. I can't explain it why I am so obsessed with this particular piece but it's truly a stunner. I mean it's difficult to portray the delicate beauty of this bracelet but all I can say is that it looks amazing in real life. I am very careful regarding jewelry so I am definitely going to wear all these pieces not on a daily basis but rather save them for special occasions. What do you think about my choices? Let me know in the comment section what you liked and if you'll be purchasing anything for yourself or your loved ones.

With Love,

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE both bracelets!

    1. Thanks Aimee! It was so hard to choose from all the selection but I am glad with the picks! :) x

  2. love the post!!! <3