Tibidabo + Some Monday Thoughts


Today's post is somewhat different. Or maybe not, I guess you will decide. It's still about Spain (partially) but my thoughts I wanted to share are not exactly related to that. Without any ambiguous sentences I will get straight to the point. On the third day in Barcelona, I went to mountain Tibidabo, which has a stunning view of the whole city. To get to the top of the mountain you need to take a funicular, and trust me it is one of the most memorable moments of visiting Tibidabo. You know what they say, it's not about the destination but the journey, and although this phrase is usually meant more metaphorically than physically, in this case it's the second one. I did not go the amusement park (I am not a big fan of roller coasters or any of that stuff) but if you like it, I definitely recommend doing a whole day trip to Tibidabo. The photos in this post are all from the top of the moutain and I hope you enjoy them. Now, some thoughts I wanted to share with you...

Today, I am at my mom's place. A Monday off was a perfect excuse to come visit her as she lives a few hours away from me, so I don't get to see her so often. The weather is dreary and so is my mood. We planned a trip to the swimming pool nearby so I thought it will be a fun Monday. However, things got a little bit different to what I hoped for. Several posts ago, I mentioned to you about being busy and having lots of paperwork and appointments which could impact my future. Today, I finally received an answer which I was waiting for with huge anticipation. A negative answer. My biggest dream in life is to travel, to live life to the full potential, to see all there is and know I did everything I always wanted to. That is why I applied to become a flight attendant for probably the most famous airline in the world. And I felt shattered this morning when I found out I was unsuccessful. I know I can try again, I know there's hundreds of airlines but as of now it seemed like the only thing I was passionate about like crazy. Rejection is never easy and we all deal with it differently, it just that at the moment it feels like I don't have anything to look forward to in my upcoming chapter of life. But I hope I'm wrong. I hope that today I'm wrong. I hope that in a matter of time I will believe in second chances and learning from failures with a lighter heart than today.

Today I'm listening to: Mister Lies - Cleam

With Love,

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It has been added to my bucket list!

    Awww, Bri, sorry to hear your disappointing news. I always thought that would be a very unique job, and a great way to travel, although I've heard many downsides, such as limited time in each place. (Not to mention I wonder how often those guys get sick, considering I get sick EVERY time I get on a plane! Haha)

    I'm sure many great things are in store for you, and soon. What you share on your blog makes it very clear that you have such a great spirit and personality, and great things come from that! Keep the faith.

    1. Ohh Aimee, thank you dearly for your comforting words! I do feel somewhat better now, still quite disappointed and with the surgery just a few days away it adds up to the whole tense and negative overall feeling. But I hope that this year will end on a much positive note.

      I always said good things come to people who wait, and patience is truly a key in life regarding the pursuit of dreams and so on. So we'll see! Thank you again. Oh and yes I agree, flying is definitely draining! My friend works as a flight attendant and she told it's difficult physically but manageable.

  2. I hope that your dream will, someday, become true. Good luck!

  3. Kaip as visuomet sakau, sis neigiamas atsakymas ar patirtis tik i gera, nes tau skirta buti dar geresneje vietoje! Tad nenuleisk ranku ir eik savo tikslo link! Visiems mums pasitaiko visko :)

    1. Aciu Monika! Pameginsiu dar karteli po pusmecio, daugeli priima is antro, trecio ir kartais net ketvirto karto. Tad svarbiausia nepasiduoti ir siekti savo tikslu! O jei ir nepasiseks, atsiras kazkas geresnio, kas suteiks dziaugsma:)