Turtles, Churros and Madrid Memories


Before I begin, I wanted to say a huge thank you for your support in the comments in my last post. It is truly comforting to feel somehow understood, accepted and encouraged despite having failed at what seemed like a finish line. Something that was almost within the reach of my hand. Almost. Ahh those little words in life have such a big difference. What I need to do is learn from this for the future, that it's ok to fail and puting pressure on yourself after having done everything on your behalf is only going to bring more of a negative rather than a positive effect. Sometimes, you just have to let go of what you're incapable of controlling. Now to focus on what today's blog post is really about - Madrid! You are probably sick of my posts about Spain by now and wondering how the heck can one take so many photos in barely a week. But I promise this is my last post about this trip and it has some lovely photos from those few days I spent in Madrid. Actually, I've been thinking that I don't post as often here any outfit photos and I am really planning to work on that (although not sure how it will work with me being on crutches in the next months). It's just that it's quite hard to find someone who has free time on the same time as you do, who can shoot photos of you. The blogging struggle is real, and I truly respect bloggers who work and still manage to find time and energy for shooting outfit photos almost on a daily basis. Anyway, back to Madrid.

The turtles in the water, and the jungle in the photo below is actually inside a place that you probably would never guess (unless you were there). It's inside a centrail railway station in Madrid and it's a truly stunning place. I mean it was over 30 degrees outside, and to find a place like this in the midst of the city in the sweltering heat is difficult to put into words. Try to imagine, sitting there while waiting for your train? Isn't it amazing? I told you a while ago that I was not into Madrid that much, perhaps due to the heat or or the fact that it was almost the end of my stay in Spain and thus, I barely had any energy left after the adventurous week of exploring. But whilst editing these photos, I actually was really happy to remember all those places. The stunning Royal Palace of Madrid, Museo del Romanticismo, wandering those empty little streets, and trying churros for the first time at Los Artesanos 1902, which (if I recall correctly) is the oldest place in Madrid for churros. I was truly in love with the taste, and highly recommend not to try churros anywhere else but Spain. I know some people who tried them beforehand and were really disappointed until they tried the real thing! So just a little advice for you travellers or those planning to go to Spain. I hope you enjoy this last photo diary of my trip to Spain and let me know if you'll be heading there any time soon. Have a productive last few days of the week and speak to you soon.

With Love,

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  1. Awesome photos, as always! I love how you capture the life and spirit of a place. You seem to have a different eye.