Fedoras and Rain


Hey guys! Just thought I'd quickly post a few photos from today. It's been rainining like crazy and now I can really feel that fall is here. I mean I was tanning just a few days ago back at my mom's place and was confused if it was really October or not haha. But today my final hopes of summer still lingering around for a bit more were completely destroyed. I finally got to hung out with my friend Roxy though (she just started her blog The Lost Girl, check it out!), after not seeing her for over three weeks and we wanted to make some new photos, but this weather kind of ruined our plans. And knowing my luck, I also didn't get my pumpkin spice latte because it was SOLD OUT! I know, I know, first world problems... but seriously I've been so excited for almost a month to get it that when I finally go about getting it - it's not there. Ugh! I will have to try again in a few days, and although I live in the city centre the walking is not so easy with my two beloved crutches. Actually now I am completely drained after doctor's appointment, being soaked in the rain and trying to make at least a few descent photos so I am gonna curl up on the couch and read a little before going to bed. I hope you like these photos from today.

Today I'm listening to: Sam Feldt - Show Me Love

With Love,

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  1. I love these pics. Rain is actually my favorite part of fall! I'm struggling a little bit as it's getting darker earlier in the evening, and it's darker in the morning when I have to wake up for work.

    1. Oh tell me about it:( I hate it too. I love rain, when I am indoors or the warm summer rain after a hot day. But not the wind, and sleet type of weather in fall/winter. Haha! Oh but spring will be here before we know it, so no need to get too upset about that I suppose:)

  2. Perfect, i love it <3 iIwaittng your next post :))