Hello, October?


I simply refuse to admit the fact that it's October already. How, how, how on Earth is it possible? I am the kind of person who is either lingering on the past or daydreaming about the future, but always in the denial or in disbelief of the present moment. Ok, maybe not always, but a lot of times. It's like either it's too good to be true or too bad for me to possibly accept it. And that is how I feel about today. I am already having a headache from the thought of what kind of Christmas presents to get, overthinking what I still haven't done this year and so on. Most people are probably all happy and relaxed watching films, cozy wrapped up in their blankets, drinking their chai teas and hot chocolates and enjoying the falling leaves or rainy evenings outside. But I'm not. I somehow don't fit into that weirdly stereotypical fall-lover genre. My mind is buzzing like crazy, I've been having the worst sleep in the last weeks unlike any time of life I can remember. I am not ready to give in to this autumn sulk and slumber, as I have tons of things I want to do, and all the seasonal celebrations are definitely not on my mind yet. I am in a state of mind where I want to be productive and still get the some ripe results until the end of this year.

I really like fall though, it is a season where I get (usually) really at peace with everything, enjoying long evenings with endless cups of tea and books and music. Not this year though. I don't have an explanation why but I feel quite the opposite. If I take a book in my hands, 2 minutes later I am distracted by an email or someone texting me or something along those lines. So maybe it is the technology to blame here and I just need to detox a bit? I don't have that on my schedule though. I am going back to Frankfurt on Saturday, where my real home is now. If you follow my blog, you will know that I've been staying at my mom's place for a while. And to be honest, it's been kinda rough. It's not the same once you lived by yourself for years and have your own lifestyle to then go back to one of your parents' and have a temporary stay at their house that is not just a one night sleepover. It's not all that bad, but I am just excited to be back home haha. How have you all been? I truly wish I had more to blog about as I have a lot of time on my hands but I didn't have my camera with me here. I hope to make some new photos next week. P.S I am still super excited about that pumpkin spice latte haha. Anyway, apologies that this post got kinda random. I hope that October is amazing, productive and most importantly filled with many beautiful autumn moments for all of us. Speak to you soon!

Today I'm listening to: Who Is Fancy - Goodbye

With Love,

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  1. Wishing you a great success a head in this October!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}