It Starts With An Idea


Every day starts with an idea. You wake up and think how much you wish you could stay in bed a little longer. You think about what you're gonna eat for breakfast. You think what not to forget before you run out the door for another busy day at school or work. You think about your evening plans. It all starts with an idea. Recently, I've been having a lot of ideas and thoughts. I have been marvelling at women riding their bicycles in high heels, at men in their costumes and fancy shoes rushing to work or running from one appointment or meeting to another. And me, I'm just limping around with my crutches without any rush whatsoever. Just observing, and taking it all in. It still strikes me how incredibly cold it's gotten here in Germany. My thickest winter jacket is already being used, and my sight is always on some new nice warm boots whenever I am at a shoe shop. Yet, I am still crazy enough to go out and shoot early in the morning while the sun is bright and the air is crisp enough to make your fingers freeze just to share something new here on the blog. People who love photography will do many crazy things, and I have to admit it's not my first time shooting in the freezing cold, but it's so worth it. For this little morning shoot I wore some beautiful ISWAI pieces, which is a brand I want to tell you about today.

Having studied in the UK, I am still somewhat eager to keep that connection to those memories I made while living there. And to work with a brand based in the UK is one of the ways I am still able to keep that little dream of mine. What I really love about this brand, is their name and the idea behind. I decided to copy a few sentences for you from their page, which I think perfectly sums up all I want to say. 'The ISWAI girl has big dreams, a positive mind and an open heart. She values her independence above all else. Her style is effortless and her life is limitless. It's time to start living the life you have always imagined'. This is the kind of person I aspire to be, this is the kind of life I am hoping to live one day - limitless. To always be positive and have an opent heart. And I just can't stop myself from bringing it up, that AWO Stories is exactly like that. About living life with arms wide open and having that outlook on life too. To be acceptive, restless and desirous of everything and anything that comes in your way - the good and the bad, as it's all a part of the ride. I'm leaving you with one of my favorite songs, which always gives me a good feeling. Especially the phrase 'every breath is a second chance'. I hope this song touches a corner of your heart. Have a beautiful Friday!

Today I'm listening to: Switchfoot - Always
With Love,

What I'm wearing: Blazer - ISWAI White Bouclé Jacket / Top - ISWAI Floral Lace Top / Jeans - Bershka / Shoes - Converse

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