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Hello beauties! Here I am on a Saturday, it's Halloween and I am at home drinking gallons of tea, surrounded by candlelight and the sounds of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' for the 10th thousand time today. I am in love with that song. Well any song that has this feel-good vibe really. Anyway, I have to admit I am not a big fan of Halloween because I grew up in a country where this celebration was not popular and was more of a influence from the west. I only celebrated it twice I think. Once, when my best friend threw a little house party back in elementary school (ya know with parents, and drinks that resembled blood, but were made of fruits haha). And once in the first year of university (oh boy I feel so old now remembering this). And as today my Instagram and Facebook are exploding with photos of people in their awesome costumes I felt like I had to explain myself why I am sitting here writing this blog post rather than celebrating haha. But I am really excited to share something new - a bunch of products I have been trying out in the last couple of days.

Thanks to the sweet Skaiste from Scent of Blanc for choosing me as one of the winners for her giveaway. I received a box of NKD SKN tan products and I am so excited to start using them, especially when my next vacation is nowhere in the near future, but I still want to have that natural glow. I have been using tan creams for years just to have a nice touch of tan throughout the year (I really hate having a pale neck!). The first thing that made me fall in love with this brand is the fact that their creams are odourless. I always apply the tanning lotion after the shower and always found myself annoyed by the smell overwhelming my shower gel, so NKD SKN products really deserves a praise. And by the way, they also use natural ingredients which is another big plus! Moreover, I started a hairburst journey a couple of days ago. I  have seen many people share before and after photos using Hairfinity or other kinds of pills, but I've seen a lot of women super happy with Hairburst as well. So when I was contacted by their team if I would like to try them, I was extremely eager and said of course! Mainly because I promised myself not to cut my hair at least until next summer. Why? Well I cut it like 3 times this year and at one point they were so short that I could only wear them in a mini bun, otherwise they looked so short and looked horrible and made me sad. Girls and their hair... Anyway, so I am gonna use it for a month and see if there are any changes. If so, I will definitely purchase more! I am dying to have long locks.

One last product - Mr. Blanc teeth-whitening strips. Now I have to admit, I get a lot of people asking me if I whiten my teeth, and my usual answer is no. I did use Crest toothpaste and strips every now and then but not as often as some people assume. Anyway, coffee is probably my biggest enemy and leaves the biggest mark on my teeth. That's why I am excited to use these strips to whiten my teeth a little bit. Have you ever used any of these products? Or maybe you're not a fan of tan creams and these kind of products? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love,

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