Break The Cycle


Throughout the years I struggled to find my personal style of all kinds, whether it be writing, clothes, how I act or behave. Anything really that makes a person who they are, who makes them unique. I always would pick up habbits of people I'd hang out with or try to copy some celebrity's style just to feel cool. I would feel good for a little while, but would end up ditching that temporary someone pretty quickly. Simply because that wouldn't work out any longer. I still look up to a lot of bloggers, singers, how they pose in photos, how they speak and act in certain situations, how they dress. Sometimes I wish I would possess some quality or thing that they do, but that would make me more like them, and less like me. A wannabe, to be precise. Although there are a lot of things I do not like about myself, there are some things I would never want to give up in exchange for anything. Experiences that I've been through made me the person I am today. And I do hope that I come across as a decent person because of that. It's the only thing that really matters - if you're kind and and if you treat others with respect. I am more happy than I used to be, when I tried to act like others. The clothes I choose to wear now, or the things/activities that I like are 100% ME. I don't try as hard anymore to impress anyone and just try to be natural. There will always be people who won't like you, but there will also be those who will. And I know I will still struggle to somehow fit in and be comfortable in my own skin, but at least that will be for a good cause.

I collaborated with Edith & Ella - a brand by a Danish designer Line Markvardsen, who sent me tons of beautiful pieces including the skirt and the sweater in these photos. I know for a lot of people this would be a no-go outfit, but the minute I put it on, I fell in love. It's so me, and really shows the kind of person I am deep down. Wearing this I felt like a grown up princess who is still a child in her heart, and only wished I was in an English countryside on a gloomy day wandering the fields in my rain boots. I used to always joke to my family and friends that I would rather live back in the Victorian days. Drink tea out of fancy cups, spend hours playing piano in the candlelight on rainy afternoons, take long walks in beautiful gowns and write handwritten letters. No one understood why I loved the idea of that life so much, but I still do. A girl can dream, right? Anyway, getting a bit off-topic. The reason why I called this post 'Break The Cycle' is because I heard a song by You+Me the other day with this title and I really liked it. And of course because of this outfit I am wearing here too. I love, love, love those super stylish feminine outfits that you can see on most fashion bloggers, but I hope that there will be more authentic kind of girls and women out there. Who don't care about what's in style right now, and dress whatever reflects them most. I hope in doing so, we can break this mundane cycle and start acting a little bit more like ourselves.

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Sweater and Skirt - Edith & Ella / Boots - Massimo Dutti

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  1. Bri,

    I love your commitment to combining style + substance. Even more, I love the way you always deliver your combination with an authentic smile. I would like you to know that your smile radiates from the inside out!

    I will always appreciate the messages you deliver with your posts. You always delve deeper than surface style and beauty. You always deliver a little soul with your aesthetics! Again with the inspiring other bloggers like myself!

    Have a great week!

    1. That's so sweet! Thank you so much. Each blog post leaves me somewhat uncertain, questioning if what I am sharing is ok or should I just delete this or that, but I guess I am just overthinking. The best thing that's worked for me so far (in terms of blogging), is just being natural and writing whatever is on my mind, and to hear that you and hopefully others appreciate my honesty is very rewarding. Thank you for a lovely comment! <3

  2. Wow, you look gorgeous! And the outfit is very cute as well :)

    1. Thank you very much Sara! Your comment made me smile! :)

  3. Sveika, Brigita :) Gera, kaip po nemažai laiko grįžti pas savo mylimas blog'eres ir randi jas tokias gražias ir švytinčias :) Visiškai tobulas derinys.
    Taip jau yra, kad persigeriame informacija iš aplinkos ir kartais nejausdami kažką imame "kopijuoti". Ir nieko čia blogo. Laikui bėgant, turime galimybę pasiimti iš viso tai, kas tikrai mūsų. Anksčiau ar vėliau, vistiek atsisukame, grįžtame į save (o gal net pirmą sykį apsilankome), ir atrandame, jog esame tokie pat unikalūs ir turitys, ką pasakyti, parodyti. Ir kuomet imame didžiuotis savimi, pradedame save labiau vertinti ir mylėti. Gera skaityti tavo blogą :)
    Ir dar (atleisk už tokį ilgą komentarą) - DREAM BIG! Geriau turėti savo susikurtą "tobulo pasaulio viziją" nei gyventi kitų primestomis. Kažkodėl mane visuomet nuo mažens traukia Pranzūzija ir vis stengiuosi jos su savimi nešiotis kasdien, kad ir mažiausiose detalėse. Kas kad kiti juokias iš to, jog aš žinau, kad ten ateityje gyvensiu. Iš kur žinau, nelabai nutuokiu :) Truputį juokinga visiems ir keista, bet man - tai aš :) Ir niekas iš manęs negali atimti šios dalies.

    Iki susitikimo,

    1. Labas Bite! As siek tiek paveluotai, bet norejau padekoti uz toki silta ir nuostabu komentara. Siais laikais ne visi net gilinasi paskaityt, ar tuo labiau pagirt zmogaus mintis, nuotraukas ir t.t aplink vien tik pilna tave papeikenciu, tad buvo labai gerai paskaityt siuos tavo zodzius! Sutinku su mintimi, kad ilgai apsimetineti kazkuo kitu nepavyks, ir galiausiai isaus ta diena kai nebegalesi buti niekuo kitu tik savimi. Tai pati didziausia laisve siame gyvenime.
      Labai sudomino tavo noras gyventi Prancuzijoj. Man lygiai tas pats su Seatlu, niekada neesu buvusi Amerikoje, bet kazkas traukia mane i ta miesta jau nuo vaikystes. I katra Prancuzijos krasta traukia tavo sirdis? Aciu dar syk, kad uzsukai ir parasei siuos siltus zodzius! <3

  4. Amazing post! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)