Little Things


I love Sundays. It's a day when I roll out of bed by noon, or some days like today much later. Having long breakfast, which continues into an afternoon filled with sippin your cold coffee and catching up with your family and friends. I usually skype on Sundays too, but somehow today just passed me by. Shower, laundry, getting some takeaway pizza and now blogging. Editing some photos for the next blog posts and just having a relaxing evening. I am happy about little things on Sundays. Like a vase of fresh flowers, in my case this beautiful hydrangea (or here in Germany known as hortensia), which I picked up on Friday after a dentist's appointment. What are you happy about on Sundays, and which day of the week is you favourite?

With Love,

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  1. Little luxuries are the best! For me on Sundays, it's catching up on my shows, sipping hot chai lattes and tea, and usually an evening bubble bath. My dog usually naps all day on Sunday - it's like she knows it's Sunday! - and sometimes I can't help but join her! I do think Sundays are my favorite days of the week because, besides buying groceries on Sunday morning when the stores are empty, I don't make any other plans. I lounge under a cozy blanket, in cozy sweats, and catch up on shows, blogs, reading, etc. I usually make Sunday dinner as well - tonight, yakisoba noodles with terriyaki salmon.

    Have a great week!

    1. What shows do you watch at the moment? I am so obsessed with Shameless lately, it's a really good show! And I'm also watching the second season of The Leftovers - it's one of the most unique series I've ever seen, though it's not for everyone's liking. Your dinner sounds fantastic! Made me drool a little haha! Yum:)

    2. At the moment, I'm watching Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Chicago Fire. I rarely watch TV that forces me to wait a week between episodes. I prefer binge watching! I'm binge watching Criminal Minds right now.

  2. I used to dislike sundays when I was at school, since nothing was opened and living in a small town didn't make that better.
    You really start appreciating it, when you are a student or working or both :D Finally a day when you can just do whatever you want and spend time with your loved ones!

    Lovely picture!

    xx Tara
    Tara Semira – Ibiza, fashion, lifestyle

    1. Oh yes! I know very well what you mean. Sundays used to always be a day for schoolwork! But now they a whole different meaning that's true :)

      Thanks Tara! x