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Aside a few other things, blogging is still the most challenging task for me this year. I still can't quite master my posing skills, my camera settings, or my endless Photoshop colour editings. Rarely do I feel pleased with the photos I share with you here or the words I type along with those photos. But I suppose it's better than having 'nailed it'. I have a long road to progress and I hope to be good at this one day, so good that I can be proud of it. But step by step. Until that day arrives, I will have to share whatever it is that I can offer. And today I can offer to you some lovely autumn photos, which I shot with my good friend Nicola this afternoon (ahem, if you're reading this you know I'm still waiting for you to create that blog of yours!). I love somewhat spontaenous decisions. I mean I really like to plan things, but sometimes it's just good to be in the moment and kind of not think too much. And that's exactly how I felt today! Just a little careless and that's alright.

As well as that, have I told you how much I love white sneakers lately? I think they go with literally any outfit. Sporty, classy, chic, edgy. ANY! And I purchased maybe one too many pairs recently (one pair is still in the box and probably won't be out until spring). But today I wore these cool minimalist sneakers from Pedro Shoes with some high-rise jeans and a denim shirt to make it casual yet a bit different. I love denim on denim type of outfits, and need yet to have enough different colours of it to have nice combinations, but I kinda like this one, and how the white buttons on the shirt go together with the white/beige-like sneakers. What do you think of this outfit? P.S Thanks Nicola for letting me wear your jacket, I have some more photos with it, but will share it in my next blog post!

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Shirt - Primark / Jeans - Hollister / Shoes - Pedro / Watch - Fjord Timepieces

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  1. It's funny to think you're insecure about your photography skills, when that's probably the thing I always compliment on your posts, haha. It's impossible to start off at your highest level - but that's why I enjoy looking through Marianna's early blogs and seeing how much she's improved with her photos and content over the years. So it's good to know you have a hobby where you can consistently improve and become better!

    1. This is so true. I guess I'm just very impatient and eager and just wish to have things right on the first try, but you're right everything takes time.