Baby, It's Cold Outside


I'm alive. I'm still here. Just super cold and super busy! I hope you all have been well, or at least well enough to be excited about the new year and the things to come. I haven't been posting for a while, although I have ideas for the articles. I suppose I am just bad at managing my free time despite the fact that I have very little of it, and shooting in daylight is close to impossible. So sometimes, or more like most of the time, I have to choose between blogging, or doing things on the cost of sleep. I am going to try a bit more to balance out the work/free time better, so I don't disappear for too long. I don't wanna lose my readers or keep you waiting for too long, I know some of you check in often to see if I posted something, so I don't wanna disappoint you guys. I thought I'll just be honest and say things as they are! And the truth is, Germany is freezing at the moment. Looks like winter came a little late over here. I was quite surprised to wake up to snow on Sunday. And although the quantity of snow does not beat the current situation in my home country Lithuania, I am still happy to see that it's cold enough for it to stay for a while. So today I went out to shoot some pics wearing this warm Missguided coat, and quickly hurried to work afterwards.

I loved winter when I was a child, I would go ice-skating on a nearby pond with my cousin or friends till our feet froze, then we'd come back home to my mom making us hot cocoa and grilled cheese (mm, those were the days!). Just remembering this, gives me a warm feeling inside. I am quite certain I mentioned this a couple of times already but winters in Lithuania are unreal, they used to be my favorite thing ever. The forsests, roads and building all covered in snow. It's definitely an unforgettable image. I know for the last few years it hasn't been snowing there though, so now to see that there's lots of snow this winter makes me miss Lithuania. Or maybe just those memories when I was a child. By anyway, some things never change - I always loved the warmth of a good coat. I mean who doesn't? So I'm grateful in a sense that a current German temperature (-5°C) is allowing me to pose with the coat a little open, and I won't die from the cold if I don't wear my gloves. Haha, but anyway, I'm already looking forward to the sunny beach and that tan skin - sigh, I hope soon! Sending you all a hug, and talk to you soon!

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Coat - Missguided / Boots - Missguided (in brown) / Sweater - Pepe Jeans / Trousers - Hollister.

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  1. I love ice-skating too! And that outfit is so perfect, I really like that shade of red. Also, where is that location where you took the photos? Is lovely!

    1. Thanks Paula! It's in Frankfurt, Germany. It's actually a park near my apartment building, just across the street! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Jau spejo istirpti! Bet uzteko jo ir tiek kiek buvo :)

  3. Childhood memories are so nice, that feeling of nostalgia. Thanks for sharing.