I rarely look into the camera. It's so much easier to look away at something in the distance, or to giggle because I feel awkward trying to pose. I worry too much what someone will think if they see  see us taking photos on the street, which is ironic and stupid since all the bloggers take photos and don't worry about that. Yet, I try to avoid crowded places and look for a quiet street or a lovely park or a nice corner, where I can feel more relaxed. Sometimes it just takes the right person to feel comfortable. And that is why I usually ask my friends to take photos of me, because I get more comfortable, more me. And what can be more beautiful than your own true self? In a photograph, or in real life. Either way, I noticed lately how so much of my condifence issues came with time. I wasn't so tense about the smallest of things when I was younger. Only in the last few years did I become more nervous, which seems like a consequence of daily stress. I got more conscious of things that others don't even seem to mind, matter or notice even. And then I remind myself to breathe, and let it go. Because why should I burden my mind with things that are not important in the end? In fact, worrying in general is irrelevant to one's existence. One should always seek to be as woriless as possible. So I will try to look into the camera more, I will try not to think about my flaws and other unimportant things that make life less enjoyable. Instead, I will focus on what's important and what brings joy to my soul. I will.

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Coat, Shirt & Boots - Massimo Dutti / Jeans - Zara / Bag - Pedro Shoes.

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  1. So so pretty!! I love that coat so so much!

  2. Bri, this rings so true! I too get nervous about the looks or what people must be thinking when I'm taking photos. What a beautiful reminder :)

    x Sarah


    1. Thank you Sarah, it's comforting to know I'm not alone! I'm sure we'll get over this one day haha.

  3. Simple and amazing look at the same time! Love your posts and style ♥

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  4. Exactly. That's why my mantra for this year is to let go. Of worries, of opinions of others where it doesn't matter, etc. Beautiful Post. You're gorgeous!
    Cara @ www.xocara.com