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Happy 1st of February! I can't really believe it's already a new month. Now you know I am not a morning person but I was up at 6 am today for work, so I am pretty exhausted now just laying on the couch. How did your Monday go? February is going to be pretty busy for me, I have a little trip this weekend, then a friend flying in to visit me for a couple of days, then some other stuff that I will share with you later at some point. So it's going to be quite a nice month filled with lots of action. And although I'm yawning as I type this, I still wanna share with you a few snaps from my phone that never made it to my Instagram or the blog in January. I don't do this recap of the month thing all the time, but sometimes it's cool to look back on things to see how much can happen in such a short amount of time. Life is a series of moments, and these are my favorite from January. What are yours?

With Love,

Cover photo:
*Left - me and Nicola trying on fedoras at H&M, I still haven't found the perfect one and I've been on a hunt for one for a at least two years.
*Top right - waiting at a street light means it's a perfect time for a goofy selfie.
*Lower right - lovely, sleepy customers at work a few weeks ago. I'm a cat person, but who can resist this cuteness overload?

A book I saw at Urban Outfitters, in which you have to write a sentence every day for 5 years. It was a big commitment haha so I ended up not buying it.

Bubble baths! January has been the coldest month this winter, so that gives me an excuse for longer baths.

Milka chocolates and other things I packed as a gift for my brother.

Starbucks lunch breaks on a sunny afternoon.

Beautiful square near my work.

The Silk Road on the Sea show. The dancers were amazing!

Popping by at one of my favorite stores - Rituals.

Sunny morning on the way to work.

Enjoying fresh air on my lunch break. Fresh air in the city, quite ironic, but you get what I mean.

Retro style boxes and cups! I find them so cool.

Solo pizza date. My favorite food EVER!

Frankfurt's street markets.

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  1. I really enjoy posts like this. It looks like you had a fun month, overall, and recognized many sunny and pleasant little moments in the middle of a work day.

    We had an unexpected surprise this morning when they actually shut down my work due to snow. They haven't closed for a "snow day" in 61 years!

    1. It's all in the little things! Oh my I am jealous, wish I would wake up to such great news of extra day(s) off, really wouldn't mind it haha:) hope you enjoyed them cuddled on the couch and reading books!

  2. Habe deinen Blog gerade entdeckt und er gefällt mir super gut <3
    Besonders, weil du auch eine Frankfurterin zu sein scheinst! :)
    Die Bilder sind alle total schön und jetzt hast du mir Lust auf ein heißes Bad gemacht, aber ich habe leider keine Badewanne, haha :(

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Kati

    1. Danke Kati!!! :) es freut mich dir kenner zu lernen und danke für ein liebe Komentar!

  3. absolutely enjoyed this post dear!

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