Last week was pretty exhausting. I returned from Lithuania yesterday and only had energy to unpack. Thank God I was wise enough to take a day off today before going back to work because from my personal experience I know you need that one day after a holiday to get back on track. As much as I love being on the go and travelling as often as I can, honestly nothing compares or feels better than sleeping in your own bed. Today was pretty relaxing but still productive. I still have emails to catch up on but I am probably gonna leave that for tomorrow. All I have planned for this evening is some nice dinner and resting on the couch haha. How was your Monday? Now let's talk about some other stuff, for example why I'm on a hunt for new sunglasses and why these Meller Bangui shades are my favorite at the moment.

On my spring wish list I have a few things: a new bag, some nice new fragrance since I love perfumes so much and always love investing in new ones, and of course some new sunglasses. I feel like those are my top three must haves for the upcoming season. But before the real spring and summer sunshine kicks in I am using these lovely Bangui sunglasses gifted from Meller, on those rare but sunny days here in Germany. They are perfect for this transition between seasons kind of weather. They have a classic wayfarer feel to them, yet they feel more youthful and more fun. What do you think about this color and what is your favorite sunglasses' brand? I would appreciate any tips or information before I start splurging. Talk you soon!

With Love,

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  1. Die Brille ist mega cool <3
    Tolle Bilder :-)

    Swantje von

  2. I hope your trip was amazing! The sunglasses are perfect for spring and I agree with you on the new perfume, I love having different essences for the seasons!

  3. Wow. Wonderful pictures. They truly look amazing. I am already a fan!! xoxo Vanessa