One Week In Lithuania


Hey guys! I'm back today with a new vlog and I am excited to hear what you think. As most of you know, I am originally from Lithuania and I was there for a week last week to see some family and friends, although there's barely any left there as we're all scattered around the world. Since I wasn't in Lithuania for over a year and a half I was really excited about catching up with my friends and just enjoying my favorite places, so prepare to see lots of food. I didn't film any of my hometown though because it's so small and the first few days were flying by so quickly that I actually forgot to film, but once I was in the capital of Lithuania I decided to film a short vlog to show you the city and how I spent a few days there. P.S I need to really consider next time if my DSLR camera is that important on my next trips because it takes so much space in the suticase and weighs a lot, and I honestly used it maybe once during the whole week. So that's a reminder for myself for the future trips haha. Long story short, I really hope you enjoy this. Subscribe for more future videos, and I would be grateful for any feedback!

With Love,

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  1. from the looks you remind me so much of Tanya Burr! I really enjoyed watching your vlog! and yeah, the weather in Lithuania is unpredictable, it's Easter soon and there are tons of snow outside, which really sucks to be honest ha ha, tradition of rolling eggs outside will have to be put off for next year hopefully :(

    Violeta xx

    1. Thanks Violeta! I think you are the second person to say I look like her, although I don't really know who she is? I thought the snow is supposed to melt until the weekend. I hope you guys get to enjoy a nice Easter break:( and I miss that tradition haha.

  2. Ahh, nice vlog girl! It just made me missing Vilnius even more, love that city. <3 How long you been living abroad? Egle

  3. What a lovely vlog!
    I just discovered your blog and I'm so happy I did! I absolutely love it :) I'm a new follower. Looking forward to future posts! <3 x Alona

  4. Awesome experience. Thanks for sharing.

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