The Unknown


Bed time series, bed time stories. AWO Stories. I did not know what to call this post. It's a bunch of thoughts collected together to make some kind of sense. Or maybe not. You know those days, or nights, when your head is a mess, and you think about everything and about nothing at all at the same time? Yeah that's usually me. Overthinking and then not caring, or losing the thought I was concerned about 2 minutes ago. But it's so much easier to play some music, to grab a glass of wine, to take a bath and to let it go. None of it is important. Nothing - not someone's opinion about you, or your future plans. Yes, thinking in advance is good, but planning something to a smallest detail rarely works out. Everything has its own timing, flow, place. You just have to be open enough to accept life's spontaneity. But just because you fail or you succeed, it doesn't mean it will dictate anything for months or years to come. It's so much easier to take life one day at a time, rather than trying to create some kind of ideology in your head of how things should be. They shouldn't be like anything. They are the way they are. They are the way you put the effort for them to be, or the way it is MEANT to be. You see, I believe that life is a fair game. 50% of things are in your control and power, the other 50% are just what happens to you and you have to deal with it. And today I'm dealing with what I have. And I could not be more grateful.

When I look back at myself four years ago, I was in school dreaming of things I have today. Things I now mostly take for granted. I used to wish of having an iPhone, or being able to travel as often as I do now, or being able to go shopping and not asking my parents for money. I have all that today. And I truly am grateful for that. It means the things I put my thoughts and effort to really worked. It's not always that way though, that's why I have to remind myself constantly that I could still be there, and then when I wished for all of this that is now in front of me. And I still know some people who are there, and who never dared to take that first step. So it's good sit back and just reflect on how far you've come. It's easy to say meh "my life sucks, I am not living to my full potential", but then again, do you ever really look back at the goals you set yourself for yourself some time ago? I am sure most of them came true but you did not take the time to acknowledge them. So today I wanna spread that positivity of being grateful for whatever life has given us - the opportunities to get education, opportunities to reach our dreams, opportunities to create the life we wish, desire and deserve to have. It's all or nothing. But it's ok if it's first the other way around. That's what makes it so much more enjoyable about this journey - the unknown of how it will unravel.

Today I'm listening to: Robin Schulz - Same

 With Love,


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  1. This was amazing to read, you really know how to put your thoughts in words! We should never take anything for granted and it's super nice that you are aware and grateful for the things you have :)

    1. Thank you Paula! It means so much that you enjoyed this post. <3

  2. Great post, Bri! And it's so true that we sometimes complain nothing is how we want it to be, without stopping to realize that we have everything we truly wished for ten years ago. It's so important to take time out and look at how far you've come, and express gratitude that you're so much farther along than you were a few years ago, or even a few months ago. And to think about what YOU did to make that happen, and bring yourself into your current position. Give yourself credit for pushing yourself forward and achieving your goals! You expressed all of this so well, I really enjoy reading these posts about your thoughts/feelings on something "random." To me, the random is the best part of life.


    1. Exactly! I think the fact that you have a gratitude journal is even more admirable. It takes time to be grateful, but so many people choose to see only the bad side of things. So it looks like 2016 has really showed me a more colourful side of life as of now, and I'm truly grateful for it! Hoping that it will stay this way. I love how you summed it up, as it totally was random as I was typing it! But I just had to get it out there. Thank you Aimee! Sending you a big hug. <3

  3. You're so beautiful in these pics!


  4. woow the photos are amazing! Love it!

    Ana ♥ N/POST