Take Me To Coachella


Happy Friday! Happy Coachella to all those attending the festival. I really wish I could go too, but it's a bit complicated so hopefully in the near future. I attended a music festival many years ago in Lithuania and honestly didn't find it exactly to be the kind of thing I usually like. But it was a unique experience, sleeping in a tent village amongst other festival members and discovering many new artists. I would love to go to a festival again and experience it with a fresh new attitude, that is why I think Coachella is next on my list! I mean of course I don't know when I will have that opportunity or if it will ever arise, but I will keep my fingers crossed. It's getting a lot warmer in Germany but still I wish I could be lost in the sounds of music somewhere sunny, surrounded by palm trees and other music lovers right now. Fringe skirts, crop tops and hippie braids. Just you, sunshine and music. Doesn't that sound amazing?

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Top - ISWAI / Skirt - NAKD / Boots - Zara

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  1. Great pictures!


  2. You look so beautiful, love the pictures and that skirt is perfect!!