Glitter Shoes


I am sitting here with an ice pack on my forehead and thinking how do I always end up in these kind of situations. I just went for a swim in the pool and on the way home managed to not notice a see-through door while exiting the building. By that I mean I slammed into it with a full force and my head is pounding like a drum right now. Oh well, I guess it could happen to anyone. But it surely is a funny way to start your weekend. To get to more positive things, I am gonna try to have a relaxing weekend because this week felt exhausting and busy. Lots of paperwork, appointments and so on, that is why I will just try to catch my breath and stay away from glass doors or any other potential hazards haha. We shot this outfit last week and I am so in love with these glitter shoes that I found in my mom's closet when visiting her. Well they are actually mine and I bought them I think 4 years ago but I never knew how to style them although they are super comfy. I was on the lookout for shiny silver shoes as they are so popular at the moment, and was happy to re-discover these oldies. I paired it with my favorite black leather-like jeans, an orange blouse et voilà. Let me know how you like this outfit! Have a lovely Friday.

 With Love,

What I'm wearing: Blouse - Edith & Ella / Pants - Massimo Dutti / Shoes - Deichmann / Bag - Pedro Shoes

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  1. Loving your shoes and that purse! :3