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And the last post of May and 2016 spring is here. I am rushing to write it down like a university deadline because of course there was not enough time in the day. To summarize May in a few sentences and words, it was pretty hectic and busy yet exciting and full of good moments. I just know that I will always remember it. There is so much to come next month and I will finally share it with you soon! But before I do, I wanted to post some of my favorite moments from this month, which I have not shared on my Instagram. I hope you guys enjoy this compilation of photos as I guess it gives you a more personal look into my life rather than let's say the outfits I share on the blog. I feel like it's always so interesting to peek into someone's life through these type of pictures. I am not saying that my life is interesting or anything but I do hope someone out there enjoys these kind of posts. Goodbye spring, I am so ready for June and my favorite season of the year - summer.

With Love,

Dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in Denmark while visiting my brother this month. (The cover photo up is of the restaurant's interior - I was so impressed by it).

Aarhus, Denmark.

Fro-yo season and ice-cream season is here. The more toppings the better.

Sunny Aarhus.

Oreo ice cream. Yum! I may or may not have a few of those in my freezer right now.

Really loved the weather in Denmark. Everyone said it's normally never this warm. I guess I got lucky!

Homemade cheesecake at that Moroccan restaurant. I always order cheesecake, it's my favorite dessert.

My brother's living room. I love this minimal Scandinavian design and those big windows.

Eating at my favorite Thai restaurant here in Frankfurt.

Pretty balconies in our neighborhood district.

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  1. That fro-yo photo gave me SERIOUS pangs of jealousy!


  2. Love your Blog!!
    Cuties a Look wit a Body from Zara!!! Do you like it?
    What do you think?
    Please check my Blog!!!

  3. Denmark's in my travel list!

    - Seyra x