Too Good To Be True


Hello, May. Hello to this new turn that my life has taken. Right now, it all feels too unreal, too fresh and I don't know if I could put my thoughts into words even if I tried. One thought that keeps going round and round in my head is that it's unbelievable how much things can change in such a short span of time. How everything in life has its right timing, and you just need to believe that everything will work out in the end exactly the way it should be. I mentioned a couple of times, that I do not believe in coincidences. Such word simply does not exist in my vocabulary. Everything, and I mean literally every thing happens for a reason. At the moment, I couldn't be more happy and more content with what's going. I will be sharing it all soon with you guys, when the time is right. I know it's a bit of a tease but I just have to let it all sink in first. These photos I shot with my friend Nicola (a million thank you like always, if you're reading this) really represent how I feel inside at the moment. I think they are my favorite photos I ever shared on the blog, so I really hope you love them too.

I will not ramble on for too long, I just want to leave you with this quote I saw yesterday in a magazine while waiting at an appointment. I couldn't have found it at a more perfect time in my life: "It's much easier to play it safe. To be polite and to do as is expected. But to take a chance, to piss some people off, to stand up and to speak your mind - regardless of the consequences - that is the definition of bravery and the sign of a true artist." I wish that we all would be a little more real, and show the world our real selves. Because only in that way, we can say - I am proud to be who I am. At least I know I am. Are you?

Today I'm listening to: Tontario X Leo Islo - Coexist

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Dress - Missguided / Heels - Missguided / Earrings - Lionette / Watch - Daniel Wellington

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Really love the cherry blossoms. Totally agree with you on the quote. Be your true self, you only have one life to live. Don't be someone else, ya know?

  2. That quote is so inspiring! I love it, and 100% agree with it. It reminds me of a quote that says that in order to avoid criticism, you should say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.
    These photos are stunning :) The fringe in the heels is such a great detail. x Alona

    1. Thank you Alona. I absolutely agree, criticism is a part of life and we cannot avoid it. But we should always strive to be genuine and honest!

  3. Beauty! I wonder what's going on, the most important thing is that you're happy though! xx

    1. Thanks Gabby <3 I will share the news soon!

  4. the heels are to die for! <33

    xx Tschok |

  5. LOVE these photos - you look stunning. Looking forward to your news, and glad that you're so elated about it!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here