Easy like Sunday morning. That's what life feels like right now. No, it's not a whirlwind. Quite the opposite really. I am so grateful for these kind of moments in life. Even though my head feels like a whirlwind every now and then, I am glad I don't have bigger worries at the moment. I just wanna walk around twirling and spreading confetti everywhere. It might be the good side effect of summer approaching us or just me having a positive attitude. Either way, I am grateful and could not be more happy. I know this post is clearly going nowhere in terms of what I am trying to say, but I vowed to be honest here forever and always. You know I share my good experiences and the bad, and I hope I can infect you with that positive energy today. So although my head does feel like a whirlwind and probably always will, I am rather smooth sailing. It's just one of those good moments in life right now where you don't wanna change a thing.

To give you a little update though, I've been pretty busy. I wake up and the day just seems to fly by. Yet I still have an endless list of things what I still need to do. Does that list ever even end though? What I feel grateful for is that I'm finally catching up on some reading. Those books that I've neglected somewhere in the drawers are finally being read and enjoyed. I'm not gonna talk about books here today, as I am sure we all have different tastes in them. However, I wanna tell you two of my favorite things lately - turtlenecks (I've been obsessed with them for a year!) and pale violet colour that reminds me of lilac. It just seems that every time I go into a shop there is at least a dozen of items in dusty pink, baby blue or lilac. I guess these colours will always be popular in spring/summer time. That's why I am really loving this dress lately and can't wait for it to be hot enough to wear it without any jacket. Stay tuned for an exciting blog post coming soon...

Today I'm listening to: Flume - Say It (feat Tove Lo)

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Faux Fur Jacket - Reserved / Dress - Missguided / Sunglasses - Jewels of Vogue

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  1. Oh I love how positive this post was! It's so good to be grateful about our lifes. And you look stunning in the pictures, as usual :)


  2. Labai gražios nuotraukos:)


  3. uau you look so gorg!!

  4. uau you look so gorg! x

  5. Gorgeous shoot and gorgeous you!