Linen by Greta Velgun


Hello beautiful souls. I hope you are all doing well! I had a long and lazy weekend and just came back from the pool in our building and wanted to share these photos with you right away. It is the first time I worked with a Lithuanian designer but I am so grateful Greta the founder of Greta Velgun reached out to me offering to try her pieces. Now I won't lie, whilst growing up I thought linen is a material for traditional clothes (at least in Lithuania) and adults or elderly people only would willingly want to wear it. Of course, with time I changed my mind. I realised that it is really comfortable, beneficial for your skin and also very sustainable. Also this spring it was in most stores as an 'it' fabric, even where I worked as well. So it kinda has grown on me and I have been really loving it in the last year. Considering the 40+ and over temperatures here in Dubai it's just a staple piece in my closet at the moment. If I could choose my favorite color to wear it would have to be white. I do love black and other colours a lot as well, but there is something about white that really reflects my personality and I just love wearing it. Especially in the summertime, aka my favorite time of the year. I think I don't have to explain why.

With Love,

What I'm wearing: Dress - Greta Velgun / Fedora - Primark / Sunglasses - zeroUV / Bikini - Banana Moon

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